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1. Technical Skills

More than just design, does your potential developer also possess the full stack development skills to fully realize any web project you have in mind? Custom Functionality. Like design, building custom functionality often makes or breaks a site. Does your potential developer possess the PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, MSSQL, MySQL, Mongo DB, Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, and other skills you might require? Will it be possible to make real-world functionality, like donations and pledges, when those are such important aspects of most non-profit websites? Can your developer extend the gas and growl of the 500hp Porsche 911? Or are they another dual-block Camry in an enormous field of automotive mediocrity?

Breadth. WordPress is an incredibly flexible tool for realizing almost any creative website vision. Your potential developer must possess a broad understanding of the platform. Maybe there are simpler and less expensive options for the project, or it could entail lots of amazing custom functionality – how will your potential developer guide your project? Full-Service. Some devs specialize in front-end or back-end work only. Is your potential developer able to provide full-service WordPress services? Design. Can your potential WordPress website developer create a Photoshop-quality web comp to support the site? Virtually all modern websites are built responsive and mobile-first, can your developer accommodate mobile users? With all of the competition for a user’s attention, it is absolutely critical that your website employs the very highest design principles to convert user attention into long-term engagement.

WordPress has grown into one of the most powerful and configurable website development platforms available. It’s best handled by an expert, but not all developers are created equal. Success with your forthcoming WordPress site depends on the following design and development skills and the first trait to look for in a WordPress website developer.

1.1. Proficiency in WordPress Development

Clients trust developers based on how effectively they’ve honed their craft. Top WordPress developers impart confidence in clients as they efficiently troubleshoot errors or manage every aspect of a new project. New and brilliant creators often forget about all the small details that come along with platform proficiency. The smallest of mistakes can harm both user experience and your ability to perform at peak potential. So how do you ensure that you’re leaving your work in good hands? Ask for recommendations and examples from past work to vet the developer’s braggadocio against their real-world achievements. If you find you couldn’t be more pleased with the results, you’re well on your way to a good hire.

The first skill to look for in a WordPress website developer is proficiency in the actual platform. A reputable website design professional should have extensive experience and strength in mastering the ins and outs of WordPress. Whether developing custom websites or working with pre-made themes, a successful developer should have a rich knowledge of WordPress. The developer must be in the know on how to use WordPress plugins to boost functionality, be updated on the latest WordPress trends like the critical Gutenberg release, and skillful with both the WordPress front end and back end. To assert a developer is capable, ask for examples to be certain the professional has the right skills for the job.

1.2. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What does this look like in practice? Knowing HTML will likely manifest when you ask them specific things like how the following four places to add links to images differ in plain HTML: a) the src attribute in an img tag in an HTML document, b) a link around an img tag linking to the file path for that image, c) a link around an img tag linking to an external site, d) as a background-image in a CSS rule in an HTML file. Knowing CSS may manifest when they talk to you about how various ways of customizing the design in a WordPress site can introduce confusion as to whether a given bit of code is even being used to customize a design, or whether an exact value is needed for a given attribute to work correctly. They should be talking about specificity, inheritance, position in the cascade, and CSS selector combinations you are using. The importance of the cascade and the selector make up means they should show familiarity with JavaScript for modifying and triggering elements according to (hopefully) more complex client-side conditions outside of the typical “when content is scrolled to, animate in elements” I see on many sites.

Although we tend to think of WordPress as somewhat magic in how easy it is to use, it is at heart a platform that makes basic web tasks easy to do, even for non-developers. So having an intimate understanding of web technologies is key for any serious WordPress developer. In general, the degree of familiarity they have with these three languages will give you a sense of how comfortable they are under the hood of WordPress websites. The less WordPressy the tasks, the fewer hands that will be able to do them well.

1.3. Experience with Plugin and Theme Development

– Your developer should be well-versed in integrating, modifying, and customizing plugins and widgets. Do not just accept the developer using pre-made plugins all the time, especially if they use plugins that are not widely used by the WordPress community. This matters because code quality among all themes and plugins you use or create is essential. Using a pre-made plugin that is unstable, has unpleasant code standards, or requires a ton of resources can be inconvenient and even influence your search engine ranking and user conversion/placement significantly.

– Create a WordPress developer that has experience creating a WordPress theme from scratch. Don’t just settle for a developer that customizes and uses pre-made themes.

WordPress is community driven, don’t forget – a staggering 25% of all CMS based websites are powered by WordPress, so, you need a developer who doesn’t just use the global availability to use third party themes and plugins but also has the ability to develop a unique WordPress plugin or theme from scratch.

2. Communication and Collaboration Abilities

Although it can seem frustrating in the beginning, you need to be patient and collaborative. However, don’t encourage web developers who are under pressure to slack off or get carried away, especially if you don’t possess technical skills. If you manage to get your dream WordPress e-commerce developer to hold such a meeting, he or she should be attentive to your ideas since you will be referencing them frequently throughout the development process. Career-driven WordPress developers should aim for sustained growth and expansion in development processes, closely following current web trends and applying high-end security measures in an attempt to become major influencers in the field. With the growing scale of the tech world, the consumer’s appreciation for consumer-relevant content and personalized business “play” is challenging to be met by subpar development. Participants in design projects for websites must enthusiastically adapt as per business goals.

Near the beginning of the project, you should feel free to communicate your ideas and express the features you would like to see integrated into your new WordPress e-commerce website. Because they may exist with a preconceived notion of what the end product should look like, you may encounter difficulties in communicating with WordPress developers. In most cases, even when you suggest some changes, they will be anchored in a previously envisioned product for the project. The web developer should be open to opinions and ready to provide explanations for some of their proposed motives. The insight gained from interactive discussions, held with open-minded team players, can put your project in the direction you want while ensuring that your project goals are feasibly met with an uncluttered design.

2.1. Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Sure, there have been moments where one party or team argued that they communicated but the other party didn’t listen. It’s crucial to have strong verbal and written communication skills to work through agreements and disagreements. In addition, developers need to be able to write detailed specifications, which convey elements of a project rather than using only their instincts to anticipate the client’s requests. This means that the developers must communicate to a level where all project’s cadre, including non-technical stakeholders, fully empathize with their business. In the real sense, this will help to steer the project in the right direction. In addition to writing the project briefs, they must demonstrate embodiment of a sound understanding of project parameters and the strength to stick to an all-encompassing project management plan.

Stating the obvious – communication is key to the success of any project. For a web developer, the most crucial skill one can have is the ability to listen to the client’s needs, understand their vision, and communicate with them effectively. More often than not, visual aesthetics can get lost in translation, and it’s important for a website developer to be able to bond and interact well with clients to seamlessly relay ideas. The developer needs to understand the business and the industry it’s in to anticipate features that may be needed to bring that website to full capacity. Strong communication and interpersonal skills ensure that all areas – concept and vision, functionality, and look and feel are perfect.

2.2. Ability to Understand Client Requirements

The online market is experiencing a new era of buying and selling, and most platforms are exclusively made using WordPress. Traffic forms the common essential objectives for online market platforms, and a high search ranking is crucial in ensuring the objectives are fully accomplished. Be it a company or an individual, WordPress website developers play a significant role in the success of SEO. When, therefore, hiring a WordPress website developer, it is always prudent to ensure that they are experienced enough and have been in the SEO industry for some period of time and understand all its dynamics. Always invest in the best quality WordPress website developer since the implications of hiring a non-experienced website developer are detrimental, to say the least.

This is important since every client has unique needs. Artists mimic, but experts are original. Do not just be an artist; find an expert who is comfortable implementing new strategies. And if the work concept is new, the WordPress Website Developer has to follow. Before the start of the project, the WordPress website developer and the client must agree on the work contest to avoid any future conflicts.

2.3. Collaboration with Designers and Content Creators

It will be necessary to create bridges between design and marketing, as well as the world of development. Create this balance between the team carefully, since the process of project formation will be forceful and non-stop. Make sure the WordPress web developer you hire can work diligently in other areas that are not considered development, like marketing or public relations. A WordPress web project can have serious moral repercussions if the entire team does not maintain the same vision of the project. Enter the profile of the WordPress developer you are going to hire. There are companies that, in the end, leave you with people who have been learning ‘by self-taught’ everything they know, precipitated by an offer. Did you know that you may have some incident in your WordPress website, and does it really have the advertised qualifications?

If a website is the body, then the website developer is the soul. Your web developer will shape the face of your company on the World Wide Web. It is very important to hire a professional web developer to do this job. Choose a web developer who has years of experience creating WordPress websites, as well as a portfolio full of satisfied clients. Hiring an experienced WordPress developer will ensure that you have a professional who knows what to do and how to do it. WordPress developers who have enough experience also know how to turn such a website into a successful website that also brings additional income.

3. Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills

Most websites that frustrate provide a complicated and intimidating form for potential customers to fill. As your visitors and clientele attempt to fill it, they’ll seek all means possible to escape that ominous page before the website glitches – no one wants to navigate a web page for more than 5 seconds without reaching their destination. Your WordPress website developer must be equipped to handle all problems that come with WordPress dozens of form and lead generation plugins available. Remember, some of the less mainstream form plugins may produce an error, especially after a third-party update on your website friend or to the third-party form plugin. Grappling with multi-level form such and form so issues requires a brilliant troubleshooter and problem-solver to take over.

A great WordPress website developer must exhibit strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. That’s because no matter how long a WordPress website development project lasts, there will always be tightening, snags, and glitches to fix here and there. Also, problems may arise between third-party plugins, or a third-party plugin may not recognize another plugin altogether. As these things happen, the developer will have to come up with innovative ways to keep the website intact and provide a solution that’s proven to work just fine. Someone who’s a technical expert in one language or platform might not be able to write grammatically correct content. Similarly, a website developer must be well-versed in multiple coding languages. Starting with WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Git, and even basic DOS commands, just to mention a few.

3.1. Ability to Identify and Resolve Technical Issues

The most important intended techniques are in HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, and jQuery. These competencies are located in the code of the website site. Nonetheless, the greatest developers are equipped to integrate linked skills of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks because they give a good eye for detail. So be certain you check with the developer’s preceding consumers to make confident they are beneficiaries. It will then be significant to test the code of your site to ensure that it is prompt, neat, and efficient. This will make certain that your internet site operates quickly and that it functions properly on all browsers. Every working day, testing the website will also make certain that all issues are dismissed.

Websites demand regular care and attention. Most consultants supply support deals, but the high quality of help guarantees a ‘good’ assistance package deal. In enterprise, you ought to invest in excellent, not ‘cheap’. To get the very best results, make absolutely sure the person or company you are working with gives top quality support to sustain your web page. You need to normally believe of help just about every time you check out a prospective developer’s web-site due to the fact you will need to maintain your web page each time specialized difficulties arise.

3.2. Troubleshooting Experience with WordPress Websites

Has your developer candidate faced the need to deconstruct a live theme with an assigned copywriter, manage last minute image revisions or CSS tweaks, execute and validate in a staging area, then move to production? If you can find a WordPress website developer with similar experiences, then pause is unnecessary and cost is reduced. If the candidate has taken a site from normal operating mode then back again with minimal client disruption, they are experienced in beneficial ways. Look for any and all in the candidate’s professional journey to troubleshoot issues with WordPress websites.

Websites are pretty simple things in concept. Yet it seems that once things get to a certain level of complexity, something eventually goes south. Being familiar with due diligence during problem solving is a characteristic you should look for in hiring WordPress website developers. Experience is a knowledgeable and learned understanding. Brevity is its mother. With a solid understanding of what happens in WordPress when a user issues a change request and rocks your site, time spent recovering should only be measured in the time it takes to communicate.

4. Time Management and Organization Skills

Do you notice a general trend with these developer traits? Many of these top skills to look for in a WordPress developer do not involve technical skills but rather personal traits. A true team player is someone who is also extremely communicative when they encounter problems and feedback regardless of if they are the best WordPress developer or just average. Don’t be afraid to ask a developer to provide you with projected timelines and give them a small test project to see if they are able to live up to expectations!

Speaking of collaboration, organization problems can also occur when they are working with other developers on bigger projects. Setting up GitHub and implementing version control is often essential for smooth projects with many contributors, but it’s possible that the developer you hired doesn’t go the extra mile to ensure that the other developers have their environment set up and granted access. If you find yourself frequently having to check in with their team and see if they are getting along, it might be worth considering a new developer.

If you’ve ever worked with a developer who only sends you screenshots of code inside email messages and inside these emails you have to scroll through several previous emails to piece together the conversation, then you’re probably losing a lot of time to organization problems. Great developers use appointment scheduling tools, software like Trello to track and display progress, and can organize email threads efficiently.

Being able to prioritize and work on tasks efficiently is where time management comes into play. If your developer is the type of person who will put off a small bug fix to work on a feature request from a client, that’s a giant red flag. I’m not saying the client’s requests don’t matter, but as a developer, sometimes you have to say no to new work if you know that bugs for current clients need to be prioritized. This also means they need to coordinate time effectively as well.

4.1. Efficient Project Planning and Execution

Performance satisfaction is closely tied to the skill of execution. Experience in making things happen straightforwardly can provide a positive user experience. Experience also enables the developer to address SEO aspects during development and create a landing page that is engaging but not heavy. Experience gained during project development ensures the integration of forms, offers, and hidden CTAs as the user progresses through the journey. User funnels can be cleverly crafted with a growl anticipated path that is likely debated or backed by data. The ability for visitors to search and find relevant information is not solely dependent on the options for layouts and navigation. Such functionality and storytelling require a content-aspects-to-channel-flow that comes from developing similar projects in similar situations.

Efficient project planning and execution can drive progress or keep things steady during regular troughs. It requires meticulous planning and efficiency in execution. Knowledge and experience are crucial in this situation. An experienced developer can quickly understand your expectations for the project, plan the execution, and set practical deliverable deadlines. They can also stick to the plan. This understanding comes from developing similar projects in the past, in different operational situations, web conditions, and other client preferences.

4.2. Ability to Meet Deadlines and Manage Multiple Projects

Meeting deadlines and handling multiple projects demonstrates the skill of meeting business goals and objectives while maintaining a proper work-life balance. It maximizes the efficiency of your data and keeps a consistent, predictable work output. The deeply buried aspects of being a WordPress developer are evident in the day-to-day life of a developer. It’s the particular technical and personal logo we wear inside. Dedicate to the cast, silencing clients through quality, transparency, willingness to learn, and the honest mind that should appear as the ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects will shine and drive to work, goal to greatly reach. I will keep an eye on each of the slight to reverse the traits of wear WordPress site developer wandered so that you too can choose the right man for your next mission.

While it’s true that the ability to manage more than one project at a time could cut into the attention each task receives, it is also the hallmark of someone who knows how to budget time properly in order to accommodate each project. Over the last 5 years, I have worked on several different WordPress website projects with my other job roles. During this time, I have developed very good time management skills and the ability to produce professional work on a tight schedule. So, if and when you are looking for a web development trait, to land oneself with an ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects in a way that should not affect the quality of work.

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