According to recent statistics produced by Bristol University, a web user on average reads about a quarter to one-fifth of a web page. Online users only absorb a small amount of information provided on a web page, so it is essential to deliver the main messages in a prominent manner.

In order to make your site more useful and reachable online, one must make use of the best techniques to format and produce effective web copy. Stated below are the ten golden rules for putting out effective content on your website:

1.Keep It Simple

Web text must be simple and straightforward. Furthermore, it is advertising copy, so make sure it offers mass appeal and is equipped with simple language that is free of jargon and technical words.

2.Short and Crisp

Majority of web pages are never read entirely. It is best to put your message across in fewer but impactful words. Using a lot of fluff and irrelevant words causes the write-up to lose its integrity and meaningfulness.

3.Equip It with Strong Words

A sentence that is packed with punches and is composed of verbs in present tense and short nouns tends to leave a distinct message in the minds of its readers. Phrases like “Call us now!” and “feel free to get in touch with us” elevates the effectiveness of the overall web copy.

4.Use Search-Friendly Phrases

Incorporating search-friendly phrases in web copy helps in maximizing search engine hits. You can achieve this by framing the phrases like a web search. For instance, the phrase “maintaining balance diet” is a content phrase that can also be entered in a search engine, unlike phrases such as “top 5 ways of maintaining healthy and balanced diet”.

5.Use Headers

Equipping the content article or blog with bold headers and graphical illustrations enhance the appeal of the overall copy, making it appear more user-friendly, readable and impactful.

6.Keep It A Little Informal

The two most desirable features of web copy are that they must be accessible and conversational. Readers tend to feel more engaged and connected with web copy that is more informal and similar to the language spoken ordinarily. Nonetheless, professional and formal language must be a part of web copies at the right places.

7.Simple English

Even if you are targeting the content to a technical audience, it is best to keep your writing simple and uncomplicated. Using layman’s language helps in obtaining top search results and customer interest.


The best web pages are those that can be scanned in a number of devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Make sure that the key points rest at the top so that readers can instantly get the main message.


Nothing can beat well-written content that is complemented with an appropriate image. It is important to ensure that the words are linked with an image to reach a consistent tone and better understanding.

10.Grammatical Corrections

It is unequivocally important to proofread the copy prior to sending it for publication. Proofreading helps in averting embarrassing mistakes that distracts and disengages the reader.

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