5 Innovative Website Layout Ideas

Does your website need a revamping? Chances are that it does. To make sure yours is up to par, compare it with these groundbreaking sites that use innovative website layout ideas every step of the way.

Only seven percent of first impressions are about the words that you say. The rest of it is all visual, from the way you dress to the way you present yourself. How is your website presenting itself to potential clients?

Chances are, it could use a face lift if it’s anywhere over a few years old. Get some website layout ideas that are sure to impress the people you’re trying to target.

5 Website Layout Ideas for a Fresh New Look

Keeping up a website is hard work. If you need website support, look to an expert. They’ll be able to put your website layout ideas into perspective and bring them to life.

Interactive Content

It’s 2018, so we can have interactive content on our web pages. Connect with your customer by allowing them to engage with your brand.

Do this by integrating polls, quizzes, or possibly even games that will direct them back to what you’re all about.

More Videos

Working videos into your website design takes the message you’re trying to convey to the next level. They give your viewer easily digestible information on who you are and what you do and make you seem like a real person.

Ask your designer about putting video on your main pages and landing pages. Be sure that you aren’t slowing down the load times of your pages with videos because this causes people to bounce.

Be Bold

The typography that you select in your website layout will say a lot about your brand. Choosing bold typography is a strong choice to let people know that you’re a strong competitor.

Typography evokes the emotion of your brand and adds personality. If you want your brand to stand out, think hard about the font you’re going to use for headers and design.

Broken Grid Layouts

2018 design trends do away with the hard stops and gutters that traditional layouts usually convey. There is more convergence and flow with broken grid layouts that allow for fluidity.

Everything overlaps more naturally in these designs and gives the customer a sense of your artistic side.


Fewer and fewer websites are focusing just on the product or the brand image itself and turning to illustrations to convey their meaning. That means that an illustration that represents your brand can take center stage on your homepage.

Lifestyle photography that conveys how the brand or product will make you feel is one way to use this new trend. Evoke the essence of your company through the art you choose for your site.

Trust the Best

Don’t go it on your own. If you’re looking at these website layout ideas and have no idea how to execute them, you need someone you can trust to renovate your site.

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