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Let us build you a fast, responsive site using an easy-to-use WordPress or Drupal CMS. This means it looks great on mobile or desktop. Then, we train you and your team on how to keep the site fresh and populated. No more chasing a webmaster around for minor updates.

You focus on your business. We make your site a well-oiled machine that keeps bringing in leads.

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Both of these amazing open source solutions offer a list of benefits too long to list here so we’ll give you the highlights below.  We are expert developers in both WordPress and Drupal and specialize in the following design and development tasks.

  • Develop custom themes

  • Develop custom plugins & modules

  • Experts in back-end custom code to extend capabilities

  • Seamless integration with your Marketing software

  • Seamless integration with your accounting software

  • Seamless integration with your CRM Program

WordPress is the CMS King!

WordPress powers over 75 million websites and accounts for over 27% of websites on the web which makes it by far the most popular CMS out there.  WordPress powers large sites like CNN and Time so it’s not just for the small startup either.  It can be built with custom themes to have almost any look & feel you desire and when done correctly, is completely responsive to all devices from mobile phones to large desktop screens.  This website you are on right now is built in WordPress! It can be deployed more quickly than a custom coded website and the best part about it is the thousands of plugins that can extend the website to do anything from e-commerce to social media forums to a membership teaching site.  It is very scale-able meaning you can build a small brochure website this week and next week add a plugin to make it sell products online without any redo of existing site or code.  WordPress is considered the easiest to use out of all CMS software and even beginners can easily learn how to keep their text and images updated with a small amount of training. Oh, and the bonus is that WordPress promotes SEO best practices and Google loves sites run by WordPress.

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Drupal is enterprise-ready and the most advanced CMS available

Do you need a highly customized and advanced website? Drupal is your best choice.  There are many modules available to get your website working exactly the way your organization demands including adding ADA accessibility, multi-lingual support, ecommerce, event management and sales and more.  Drupal also plays well with many 3rd party applications to extend the capabilities of your site.   Integrating Drupal with CiviCRM is a popular choice of pairing 2 open source software to run your membership organization with auto-charging of dues, managing events and tickets & more.  Drupal  is excellent for large community and non-profit sites and is used by hundreds of organizations like American Cancer Society, Amnesty International and Greenpeace as well as many governmental agencies.  The level of security is much higher for sensitive data than WordPress and with proper configuration and maintenance can be pretty bullet proof for keeping your data safe.

The flip side of the advanced capabilities of this software is that it is much more difficult to use by a non-coder and would most likely require expert support & maintenance to keep the site updated, secure and fresh.  We have you covered there with our monthly support packages that allow you to have an expert Drupal coder at your fingertips for critical and non-critical projects.

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