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Want to be the customer’s “go-to” brand? Since 1998, we’ve been building successful ecommerce websites of all shapes and sizes. We know exactly what it takes to make your website sell. Want to use WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento? Let us make it customer-centric so it’s built for how they like to shop.

Are you ready to have a lean, mean, 24/7 selling machine? Let’s build an ecommerce website that will keep them coming back for more!

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E-Commerce Website Design Since 1998

Webcasa Design has been building e-commerce websites since 1998 and has had the opportunity to work with many different shopping cart solutions like Magento and WooCommerce, including our own custom designed ones, and do extensive user-testing on many different software models.

Ensure the success of your online store with state-of-the-art ecommerce website design services that ensure ease of use and deliver great design, keeping in line with your corporate branding. Our Magento design services can help you distinguish your services from others and offer your customers an amazing shopping experience online.

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Connect your online store to 3rd party apps

We have experience in connecting your online store to many different third party applications including accounting software, ERP for manufacturers, shipping software, CRM and order fulfillment software and more.

Custom eCommerce Stores

Need an out-of-the-box solution?  We can do that!  Custom stores can be built off Magento, WooCommerce or custom PHP software to get things working exactly how your product is sold.  We have built many ecommerce stores with complex product builds, complicated shipping rules and more.  See some samples below.

CASE STUDY: Construction Windows Project

Software:  Magento V2 Community

This is a one of a kind ecommerce website utilizing Magento core software with deep customizations that allow contractors  to build custom high quality, name brand windows online.  They can choose a window type and completely build out the windows from start to finish including color, glass type, shape, height, width, fire-rating and more.  They can build a custom quote for an entire project and give each window a unique name (ie; master bedroom) and save to a customized quote.  Once the quote is marked up and presented to the client and approved, they can return and either edit items, add, delete, then purchase the entire order and have it drop shipped directly to the project address.

The product configuration for this project is about as complex as it gets since pricing is based on zip code of the shipping address and each and every option like color, glass type and fire-rating affects the price up or down and changes the SKU of each item.  More Details

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