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1. Introduction

You probably have dozens of projects in the works. Your time is more valuable than ever, and developing a new website, or improving your existing one, is a big project that will require, at the very least, the useful amount of your free time. As excited as you are to (finally) have those pictures of some satisfied customers on the Testimonials page, get your blog integrated and generating organic search traffic, add your location to Google Maps, or elevate the user experience through enhanced content and interactions, it’s always worth considering the likelihood of some unintended challenges making your time investment grow to an unsettling level. That’s the deal. It’s about the value of your time. Your customers are learning the significance of their time more and more with technology making it easier and more convenient to buy. Web development platforms are becoming more popular because of the great value they provide to their users. Still, at the same time, business owners are also learning the value of their time in relation to the skills acquired from a professional developer that has been practicing for years or even decades.

Web design and development has never been easier! With major advancements to website building platforms completed in 2016, and no signs of slowing down, how do you know when it’s time to call in a professional website developer? Website development platforms now offer professional templates, cutting-edge scripts, essential integrations, and plenty of advanced tools that allow anyone to create a stunning website with very little effort, for as low as $19.99 per month (or even free in some cases). It’s a really exciting time for businesses and individuals to start their dream website design or redesign project, but before getting started, a serious question to ask yourself is – Do I have the time necessary to learn how to use and understand said tools and complete the work on my own?

1.1 Benefits of a Skilled WordPress Website Developer

When code is properly executed by a skilled website developer, it can improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site, increasing your ranking on search engine sites, for more visibility in online searches and more potential customers. Skilled website developers are familiar with and able to effectively integrate the latest technology within your website. Whether it be a personalized web app that provides enthusiastic buyers with a trustworthy and useful tool as their go-to source for knowledge on products available from your company, or cutting-edge marketing plug-ins of all sorts, they’re able to recognize which features are necessary and how to develop, test, install and maintain them for proper use. Not to mention, people accessing your website will endure fewer technical interruptions with a site developed by a skilled website developer. There are so many specifications in building a website that might be overlooked or skipped over by rookie builders, but someone sharpened by the knocks of troubleshooting a plethora of websites is more attuned to what to watch out for.

In the incredibly complex and constantly changing world of web-based marketing, websites are at the crux of digital strategies. Because of the relatively low skillset threshold, it’s tempting for people to believe that they can create their own site and skip the web developer fees. And while there are many website builder products available that can make some amazing websites – because of wieldy templates and drag-and-drop features – the promising results from these sites can only be fully reaped using someone with skill in the craft. It takes years of experience to unmask the ‘best-practices’ in website development, hone specialized skills and maintain the time, education, ambition, adaptability, updated technology and resources to really do it right. A trained website developer not only builds and launches your site, they’ll warrant its longevity with the following key benefits:

2. Expertise in WordPress Development

Theme and plugin customization and WordPress creation also appear to be the main occupation of a WordPress developer. Despite being apparently the “simple” specialization of the two, it definitely is not. No matter what it’s called, web design is not a tiny profession; it’s a major element of design. Although a web developer also starts his work by sketching outlines with paper and pencil and carrying on with wireframing and mock-ups, there are several other things he has to do that are where you can lend a hand as well. The overall roadmap and usability of the site, the plan for website building, and so on are a few responsibilities that one must undertake. Passing on duties to a greater number of parties is undermining the development point of view. By including the strategy segment on the web, we improve efficiency, cut down cost, and reduce misconceptions. It is certainly helpful to solve problems and to lay out the basics for the site.

It can’t be a good idea to mess around with a tool used by millions and still hope to make your custom website. Skilled WordPress website developers need to be at the forefront of the latest technology, observe the best coding standards, and remain competitive in the vast WordPress environment. To be efficient while focusing on what they excel at – creating and applying frameworks that speed up development processes – those working as developers should strive to learn everything that is connected with WordPress. They also need to keep track of all the prevalent web development trends to stay relevant and responsive, acquire and independently check new ideas, and keep themselves informed about the hi-tech CMS world.

2.1 Customization and Personalization

With a good WordPress website developer, you’ll be able to take the basic concept of your website (created by you or with the help of one of those creative tools – you never know) and pass it on for further development. Web developers charge money – often enough, too much of it – but the true professionals understand that the website you want is yours, even if you don’t possess in-depth knowledge in the technology that is used to build it. The purpose of web development is to help you realize your personal and business goals, and the professionals aim at completing your requests in a satisfactory way. Web developers are experts at solving technical problems. These problems may be either simple or complex, but one fact remains: the good workers find the best solutions.

A WordPress developer will be skilled at using HTML and CSS to create custom themes. Through the often-maddening process of creation, you’ll be able to provide clear feedback until you can see the design you want. WordPress developers will use a combination of familiar PHP functions to create the themes that will form the visual layer of your website. This work will be done in a child-theme, an overlay of the existing theme that won’t be affected when main theme updates occur. Your website will be customized to perfectly match your brand, marketing strategies, and needs. A WordPress developer’s aim is to turn your concepts into an actual website that is visually appealing, accessible, and the expert at convincing potential clients that they’ll find the best of their offers with you.

2.2 Responsive Design and Mobile Optimization

With WordPress, this usually amounts to purchasing clones of the same themes for mobile and for desktop. You have the same design duplicated and run parallel to one another. If you want to see the worst-case scenario of this, simply zoom into a mobile-optimized site from your smartphone and then look at how blurry all the images look after the site’s gotten rid of the ones that ran satisfactorily on desktop. And trust me – you will have grands worth of professional-looking content on your website, unless it was formatted by a skilled WordPress website designer that was aware of the need to make the website mobile and responsive from the get-go. Because if you didn’t, you will probably not be able to see your content in more than 33% of instances, up to as many as 92%, though that number is really, really hard on the eyes.

Without mobile optimization, let’s just be honest – your site will look really, really ugly on a smartphone. Most of the elements in your full-size website will just shrink to illegible, indecipherable sizes. The website’s text formatting will go bonkers, and you’ll have your site’s stickiest old navigation buttons stuck somewhere over a block of gibberish that used to be content a long time ago. Your site’s visitors have approximately 0 nanotime or patience for that. Google straight up doesn’t provide services to websites that aren’t mobile optimized either. More than 80% of consumers use a search engine for informational purposes and the corrective choice of a brand. And when it comes to pushing mobile optimization, Google doesn’t mess around: its mobile-first indexing paradigm means that Google predominantly uses the mobile, not desktop, versions of the sites it indexes to rank in the search engines.

2.3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Integration

The search engines have further learned how to search only for websites whose codes they can read. That is, they have learned that poor codes are not qualitative to the satisfaction of website owners, in which case they will always look for visual proofs of the quality that abundant poor codes reflect, i.e., pictures. However, if they really succeed in this search, they are more prone to getting your site’s collision filled with viruses, or it takes Caffeine for it to be one, by which time, you are most likely out of business, heaving a sigh of relief that it was your competitor’s site that got banned. Just keep asking yourself a deep question – why didn’t my great website anchor make it into Google’s virtually-enhanced arsenal? With a great WordPress developer ready to do all the “dirty work” for you, all these rapidly-made a mess of and on can be spotted and taken care of. Such derived from the correct usage of the HTML5 and CSS3 fusion, which is a staple in all premium WordPress themes there is. And this gives you a thrilling headstart over your site’s competitors.

A sound WordPress website developer can integrate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies at the primitive levels of development. And really, they have no business developing a website that dreads in a search engine’s mind. With premium themes, the WordPress developer can, for instance, enhance this creation by integrating beautiful SEO compounds on the site. Search engine spiders love back-ends created on WordPress themes with codes engineered in readable contents, clearly indicating to the search engine what the site’s contents are all about, including picture captions, alt tags, headings, and so on. The emphasis is more placed on photos, as search engines increasingly begin to favor visible proofs of quality contents.

To the uneducated website owner, a website has no more value than what it visually brings to the table. A careful, knowledgeable WordPress website developer, though, can bring search engine optimization to your frontend stage, and much more.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency

In most cases, faster and cleaner work translates into a website that will meet your needs of keeping new prospects and current clients excited and engaged. And the fewer hours a project takes, the more budget you have to engage in additional marketing campaigns and consistent brand imaging. Not to mention that the longer it takes for a website to launch, the more money your website bleeds. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can just simply “slap together” a website and do a quick fix later. Once you launch the website, you better be ready to start ranking. If at any point in the design the website is not following best practice, your website will be dragging on ranking power from the day of launch. Having a professional WordPress website developer means that day one of your website is really day one of your SEO campaign.

A skilled WordPress website developer has the experience and the know-how to not only identify potential problems and snafus before they even happen, but also to implement proactive fixes that keep blowbacks from ever happening in the first place. This isn’t just about saving time. It’s about saving energy, resources and money over the long-term. The mere fact that a website developer will meet with you and learn exactly what your needs and goals are for your website design, means you’re getting an all-in-one platform. Even as a WordPress website developer needs to build your website in order to meet your online and offline goals, they do so with solid plans in place that allow them to work clean and quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about cars, houses, babies or websites; the key to success is generally the same. Measure twice, cut once. In other words, you’ve got to put an effective, efficient plan in place before you even get started if you hope to get the kind of results you’re looking for. When it comes to your website, experience matters most of all. A skilled WordPress website developer is someone who’s been around the block a time or two. It doesn’t take anything more than a simple look at their portfolio of work to see that they’ve already made the mistakes that an inexperienced webmaster is about to walk right into and waste valuable time and resources trying to repair.

3.1 Efficient Project Management

We had already identified the cruciality understanding of business concepts and using state-of-the-art technology for business prosperity in today’s oceanic business environment. This sort of environment is also chaotic and is likely to destroy the best-laid plans of the mice. So, there is an absolute requirement for the vendor to handle the projects with control and deliver the intended output on the date (preferably before that) when the output is expected to fetch the returns. Here are the reasons you invest wisely in your business success by hiring a WordPress skilled developer for building your website.

It’s no secret that website development has multidisciplinary inputs, involving a typical interplay of content authoring, web designing, web publishing, programming, service configuration, social media, and other components. As of now, WordPress is the most popular website-controlling system and powering 55% of the 1 million most visited websites, and it currently powers 52% of all sites available on the web. This quick widespread of WordPress is owing to the fact that it is designed to be highly extensible and SEO-friendly. At the same time, inexperienced developers may be in for a bumpy ride trying to solve all of WordPress’s blerch competence for creating the website their company requires to succeed.

3.2 Reduced Maintenance and Support Costs

When complete transparency is offered by a skilled developer, clients become self-sufficient. By demonstrating procedures and offering helpful advice, clients learn more about the setup and configuration of their website. This provides better opportunities for the client to play a more active role in adding new features and using custom elements. When clients feel safe and have a better grasp on the internal elements of their site, checkout times and maintenance costs are decreased. With designers using Google search to troubleshoot issues, costs for clients seeking maintenance and assistance become low. However, potential issues and challenges remain limited with skilled WordPress web developers, which provide a far better overall end-user experience and customer retention.

The payment often reflects the level of support and guidance provided by web developers. By offering an experienced and skilled professional every time you need them, maintaining a WordPress site becomes much more efficient. Any questions that you may have will be answered by the team who knows the site the best. Therefore, advice and assistance will be more relevant and convenient. This steady, professional direction will prevent mistakes and issues that often occur within WordPress sites. Inexperienced web developers can often be cheaper to start, but can lead to higher costs or blowouts from common mistakes down the line. It is wise to invest correctly in the right direction from the start.

4. Enhanced Website Performance and Security

Skilled website developers are SEO gurus. Many times, SEO and website design can be at odds. What’s good for SEO isn’t always nice on the eyes, and sites that offer superior visual appeal sometimes lack strategic optimization. When you choose an agency, it’s advisable that you strive to make it a one-stop shop that can deliver on the design, functionality, performance, and security capabilities of your website. With the right developers working on your website, you can trust that your pages will be designed to appeal to users and optimized to boost your Google rankings. After spending much on the various elements of your website and seeing the value in the potential returns, it only makes perfect sense to then look into securing the right professionals to produce your website for you. Investing your marketing budget into skilled developers who can draw your website’s blueprint and strategy for success will instantly offer your campaign a significant head start.

Expert website developers know the mechanisms to make sure your WordPress website is operating at peak performance. It’s no secret that a slow website is a less successful website. Users are less likely to stick around for pages that take too long to load. They aren’t as likely to return, either. Google AdWords and search engine optimization efforts will suffer as a result because Google’s algorithm for both has always included page load times as a ranking factor. The internet also isn’t the safe haven it once was. With hackers tending to make multiple attempts to infiltrate various websites every single day, your website will fold over time under that type of consistent pressure without adequate security. A professional WordPress website developer will automatically implement the necessary security features for you the very first time they start working on your site.

4.1 Optimal Website Loading Speed

Offering short-lived information on web pages leads to an unpleasant and dull encounter for your users. The experience is even more harmful when provided for mobile users, which unfortunately, most WordPress website developers are now prioritizing mobile responsiveness to dominate in the SEO arena. Google has announced mobile-first indexing and is ever striving as well to have a mobile version of a website loaded as the main content. Irrespective of the search engine updates, users, too, are using mobile now more than at any time in the past. To make sure your web pages load fast at both ends and meet up to the standards of mobile responsiveness, don’t hesitate to invest in a professional WordPress website developer.

Have you ever come across a website that takes decades to load? Most web users are impatient and will most likely leave the website or close the browser before the content even shows up if the website doesn’t load within the first few seconds. It’s even worse on mobile, where literally every second counts. High bounce rates are damaging; it implies a loss of potential customers and value with each bounce. The best WordPress website developers are familiar with methods to ensure your website load time is as low as possible. They also know how to guarantee optimal performance for this duration by proposing features and design options that are not just helpful but also beneficial.

4.2 Robust Security Measures

It is clear that if there is no investment, this level of security that agency developers and hosting must provide not only will not come, but the website may present itself as an open invitation to anyone wishing to have access to sensitive data available on the server, as well as chances to be a base for staging attacks on other applications or other internet users. A hacker’s success will depend upon the value or pride in succeeding in breaking into your site and causing damage in the process. Some attacks are so sophisticated that the intention is only to break the system of one startup, for example, to install a robot that will generate cryptocurrencies for others, or to exploit existing processing by having the system download and join a botnet designed to perform such actions automatically, without the awareness of the site owner, and obviously without the consent.

A website development company is aware of all these risks and its developers have extensive experience in this area of security on the internet. Although WordPress itself is a very secure platform, there are known security gaps in some of the plugins used in the system (remember about updates), and also in weaknesses of configurations, custom developments with hidden security vulnerabilities, illegitimate access to the administration, and other details. When the developer is starting to create your website, he will adopt best practices related to code development, security layers, data encryption, prevention or remediation against threats and exploits, monitoring software on the server, access control points, user roles, IP blocking and file permissions. At the same time, the company’s hosting (the good ones, at least) offers internal protection features as well, such as double security (more than one authentication point, such as password + user certificate), file scan, firewall and DDoS attack mitigation.

How will your site be protected? The longer your site operates on the internet, the better it gets and the more successful it becomes, the more people and bots will target it. Believe me, the most important sites on the web are under attack at all times. These attacks are not only multiple, but they are also increasingly sophisticated. They can range from the most common, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting, to the more complicated, such as denial-of-service attacks or traffic interception attacks.

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Ready to discover wonders? Step inside and encounter what makes us truly exceptional!

As we navigate the ever-shifting currents of the digital ocean, Web Casa Design has been crafting custom-made rafts of innovation since 1998, propelling businesses of every shape and size towards uncharted territories of success. Whether you’re a lone captain navigating unexplored waters or a seasoned crew seeking to conquer new horizons, we’re here to be your compass, guiding you through the twists and turns of the digital landscape.

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