Have you ever visited a beautifully designed site on your computer, but were unable to navigate it with a phone? Having a well-designed website without mobile optimization is a huge mistake for any business.

This year, Google announced a new algorithm that prioritizes mobile-friendly sites over anything else. So even with the presence of seo blog writing and content,  your site won’t reach the first page if it’s not optimized for mobile use.

With the endless options of a results page, it’s difficult to figure out how to make your business relevant.  An easy way to stand out from the competition is through the design functionality of your website. So many people today use smartphones when surfing the web, so making your site optimized for mobile use is crucial.

Greater Outreach

Google’s newly implemented algorithm that prioritizes sites optimized for mobile use creates an immediate demand for a mobile site. A site that utilizes SEO, but neglects the importance of mobile optimization will go nowhere.

Google algorithm aside, mobile optimization helps your business have a greater outreach.  When your site isn’t optimized for mobile use you are excluding a large audience of mobile users.  With endless options out there, people won’t waste their time navigating a site that appears poorly on a phone or an iPad.


It’s important to keep in mind the different dimensions of the devices that your site will be accessed through. The different dimensions determine several factors on your website like the size of images or icons. Think of the click-ability of an icon on both a phone and a computer.  Icons can appear smaller on your website when accessed through a computer due to the presence of a mouse. However, they must appear larger on a phone since a finger is the source of navigation.  

You don’t just want your site to work on a mobile device, you want it optimized for mobile use. A site optimized for mobile use loads quicker and better than a site that is simply accessible with a mobile device. The difference there is a site optimized for mobile use incorporates files that are easily adaptable to screens of different sizes. 


An easy way to keep your content optimized for mobile use is by avoiding large chunks of text.  Large chunks of text are never aesthetically pleasing, especially when viewed from a phone. Typically a phone is used vertically, so a large brick of text will appear in shorter lines and longer paragraphs that will seemingly go on forever.

Long bricks of text are intimidating and may make people click the back button. So when writing content for your site, keep mobile users in mind!

Click to Contact

A nice feature to include on a website is a click to contact button. Creating accessibility to your company is important and easily achievable. Incorporate features like a click to call that dials out to customer support or an email that opens a draft or direct chat to client services.

Allowing potential buyers to contact your business with the press of a button will create a positive experience and help convert visitors into customers.

What are you waiting for? Boost your website to the top of the list with these mobile optimization tips!