It is the usability and utility, not the visual design that determines the chances of success and failure of a website. Considering that it is only the online visitors that click on what appeals to them, it is a no brainer to opt for a user-centric website design that yields success and profitability.

So, what is it that makes up an effective website design? Since there isn’t a perfect model to follow, we’ll stick to some basic yet crucial rules that guarantee an effective website design for your business. Read on to unearth them:

Self-Explanatory Website

The key to win a customer is by not pushing them to think too much. For this, your website needs to be as simple, straight-forward and obvious as possible. The hidden objective of creating a website must be to get rid of the question marks. These question marks are the basic decisions that users make consciously: the pros, cons and alternatives. The more non-intuitive your website’s navigational design is, the number of question marks grows. An effective website design smoothly navigates the visitor from point A to point B without any barriers and multiple links. In a nutshell, look for a clearly structured, visual appealing and recognizable design for your website.

Minimal User Requirement

If your website offers visitors some tools or unique services, try to keep the user requirement and formalities as less as possible. The lesser you burden the visitor to test a service; the more likely they are to try it out. No one likes to fill out long, unending and boring forms just to try out a service. Ideally, websites should enable users to explore the page and discover the services without sharing confidential information. All in all, avoid asking for subscriptions and registrations at first as it can turn into an obstruction, reducing your website’s traffic.

Play Wisely to garner Users’ Attention

The human eye is a non-linear device that is capable of instantly recognizing motions, patterns and edges. Since websites consist of both, static and dynamic content, it is likely that users will get attracted to some aspects more than the others. Just as images are more attractive, bold texts written amidst ordinary text is likely to attract users’ attention. An effective web design smartly makes use of visual elements to draw in visitors’ attention to specific areas. Web Casa Design follows these and more essential rules when designing websites for its clients. Learn more about our website design plans and custom website development services prior to collaborating with us. We are an SEO company in Orange County that offers Search Engine Optimization, local geo-search optimization and lots more.