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We’re only a little over halfway through the year, and website designers are getting more creative and innovative by the day – because they can’t afford not to. Here are some of the most fun, creative website designs out there. Feel free to gather inspiration!

Website design has reached a point of sophistication that is forcing designers to up their game.

If something doesn’t pop out of the screen, it probably won’t get much recognition. People rave about SEO, and rightly so, but there’s no formula for creativity. It just requires that you’re inspired.

If you’re looking to boost your design skill, look over this year’s best creative website designs to date.

Creative Website Designs of 2018

We’ll do our best to give you a pretty decent scope of what’s trending right now in website design. Sometimes all a budding artist needs is some inspiration to steer them in the right direction.

1. Centerpiece Illustrations

One trend right now is to fill your home page with a vivid image, reducing the importance of the text as you enter the page. A lot of sites are weighed down with text and push the imagery into the background.

Flipping this, in a way, throws the viewer off. They are put into a position of interest, looking toward the image to find some direction. A couple of sites that use this tactic are Bell Brothers, Gin Lane, and Toi.

2. Brutalism

Brutalism is the art of using the space on the page to create whatever you see fit. This means not adhering to traditional trends or styles and placing whatever you truly believe on your website.

Of course, you need to make sure your website is functional, but beyond function, you create the fashion. Your artwork should be bold, unexpected, and even bordering on offensive. A couple of sites that use this method are Balenciaga and Gucci.

3. Geometry and Obliques

Your geometry classes might need to be scrounged up from the back of your mind from 8th grade. Graphic design trends often move in cycles, with simple geometry being an extremely common phase of that cycle.

The shapes that you choose don’t need to be distinct or precisely angular, what matters is how you use shape to your advantage. There is a lot that you can do with the combination of a few simple shapes and angles. The eye is just waiting to be drawn in different directions.

Seek to create depth and contrast where there was none before. Doing this will add an element of “pop” to your page and make your users enjoy the experience of browsing your site. Whether you want to create an optical illusion, a general angle in the site, or massive amounts of depth, geometric shapes will benefit your look.

A few sites to look toward for inspiration are Glax, Stripe, and DUy2017.

Is Web Development a Passion of Yours?

Ours too. You can never get access to enough inspiration, information, and guidance when it comes to improving as a designer. The more creative website designs you see, the more you can draw on when you’re brainstorming your site.

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