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1. Introduction

In case you have no idea what WordPress is, it is a CMS (Content Management System) used to create and maintain websites, as well as blogs. To create and modify a website using WordPress you need to rely on themes (responsible for a website’s appearance) and plugins (to add functionality like a contact form, SEO management and almost anything else you’d like). In this article, we are going to highlight some of the most important reasons why WordPress site development is still, at the end of 2019, the best companion you can have when it comes to starting a web project (with some little exceptions) – and why it is used by so many people.

Up until the 2000s, if you had to start making a website from scratch, you had to know HTML, JavaScript, and perhaps even messy server-side development like PHP. Then, WYSIWYG tools started to come to the advent, and with that, simplistic websites started to be accessible to all, although lacking in quality. In this decade WordPress finally came into its own, revolutionizing website development and management and dragging the entire ecosystem in its wake. WordPress has since largely demolished or absorbed its competitors and taken over a large piece of the world wide web – according to the W3Tech, more than 33% of all active websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress.

2. Benefits of Using WordPress for Website Development

Google, Bing and Yahoo! drove an estimate of 2.1 million search results on the power of WordPress applications for best SEO performance. In reality, WordPress is 100% optimized for search engines as its features aim to be a high performing system. It has clean and simple code, meta descriptions set up for categories and tags, title holding and mobile optimization. Research shows that the top three search-engine results drive 60% of all organic clicks, with the first result receiving 34.2%, second with only 14.3% and the third 9.99%. Since WordPress is engineered to be seen and ranked by search engines quickly, search exposure and higher rankings will still be achieved.

It is well known for its simplicity and ease of use. With zero to low start-up costs, business owners can build, manage and maintain websites with the help of web hosting service providers. Once set up, making changes are a breeze as there is no need for website software applications like HTML/Flash to upload. These features make the CMS a suitable choice for website development, and therefore, does not require any HTML editing software, like Adobe Contribute or Adobe Dreamweaver. Instead, WordPress, as an internet-based system, allows you to make changes from anywhere.

One of the common myths about WordPress is that it is only used for blogs or small websites. As the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) that powers 39% of all the websites on the Internet, it is a great platform for both small and large businesses. Known for its user-friendly features like ease of installation, customization and online support, it is seen as the ultimate partner for website developers. Not only does it help developers overcome major limitations, it also offers more opportunities for business growth.

2.1. User-Friendly Interface

For most people, ease of use is the main reason why WordPress is the ideal tool for building websites. Users can make websites without having to worry about understanding HTML, CSS, or PHP. There is no more need to be an expert in one of those coding languages, or all of them, which are the basics for developing websites. With WordPress, work on the site now focuses more on content than on addressing technical issues. In short, it is for those who are not interested in being a web developer at all – no need to know anything about coding. All of those have made WordPress a very solid option for people who start a website from scratch and take care of most things themselves – like the majority of website owners do.

Sounds strange, but WordPress is being used by millions of people and has become one of the most common platforms on which to create a website, like never before. Once perceived as only a “blogging platform,” WordPress has become the king in providing a set of brilliant software that enables WordPress to run anything – from a personal blog to fully-functioning e-commerce websites, or even more. With millions of plugins and other software out there, the possibilities for WordPress are virtually infinite. What are they?

2.2. Wide Range of Themes and Plugins

WordPress grants a unique chance to configure the website and boost its functional peculiarities using plugins. No matter which business niche the website intends to cover, the Verte tool can help a website builder select any functional plugin to boost the options of the website with ease. WordPress contains more than 40,000 ready-to-use plugins. It is enough to see different opportunities of your website and dreams can come true with ease. Ready-to-use actions, such as contact forms, content optimizing for search engines, enable you to reduce the time, efforts, and budget, eliminating the necessity to hire an expert web developer. No matter whether you have a blog, business site portfolio, electronic commerce project, or want to share photos, exclusive experiences, or family events, you will find ready-to-use plugins there. Each user can rest assured that due to the availability of these plugins, the website may be developed in a simple and fast manner.

Considering themes, it is crucial to mention that WordPress offers both a wide range of free and an outstanding number of premium themes. The public is free to select and activate only those themes which meet the mission, style, category, requirements, and types of the website. All these elegant themes feature different options and customized widgets, which enable users to manage the website with no hassle and special skills at all. One of the essential features of all WordPress themes is that they are developed with a lot of care, executing the best code practices, and offering a number of useful options. If you feel that you are at an absolute loss while looking for the ideal theme, there’s an additional service that can help you make the right choice. It is the Theme Selection Guideline Making Service, which is of great help, especially for beginners and those who lack the required skills.

WordPress has become one of the leading platforms, offering more than 3,000 themes and over 40,000 plugins. This range of themes and plugins allows you to bring the desired functionality and look to a website. The amount of these themes and plugins keeps on increasing with every new day. Both WordPress themes and plugins are of great help not only to developers, but also to the general public.

2.3. SEO-Friendly Structure

WordPress provides optimized mobile responsiveness for websites in response to rapidly increasing mobile users. Besides, the adaptable themes provide optimized content visibility through enhanced animations and layouts in all pop-ups, drop downs, and fly-ins. This powerful content marketing tool helps users to intuitively engage with your content and brand, providing an outstanding website visitor experience. Thereby minding the choice of WordPress turns out to be a perfect choice to bring engaging visuals on a highly personal platform to increase core functionalities of WordPress. Since 2019, Google has been focused on improving and updating their algorithm in order to drive the increased importance of User Experience (UX) to all websites and to rank websites with improved UX on all types of devices. Therefore, consider integrating your creative web development ideas with WordPress website design services that provide superior mobile responsiveness, customization features, improved site accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility.

WordPress is an essential tool to improve your business presence, performance, and growth. One of the keys to performance and growth is to ensure that your website stands at the top in the search engines. We all are aware of the SEO potential and power that WordPress holds. Moreover, there are several free tools that could be used with WordPress to boost the visibility of your website. Better visibility plays a major role in driving rankings, traffic, leads, and thereby customers. But using these free SEO plugins does not ensure an elevated placement on search engine results pages (SERPs). Further analysis and optimization are required to gain higher SEO control, and using the right WordPress themes and tools make it a simple and seamless process. Make sure to choose a WordPress website design company that focuses on combining custom-economic adaptability and a well-SEO optimized framework, which helps in maintaining speed, performance, and a first-class SERP. Gain the confidence from the self-sustainability, technology stack, and expertise using the endless performance possibilities of WordPress to beat your competitors. Let the potential of blogging using ‘Tags’ and ‘Categories’ that is in-built within WordPress facilitate the addition of keywords in the content and improvise your website value fetching mechanism.

3. Customization and Flexibility with WordPress

Many blogging and website-building platforms claim to be flexible. But one thing that still stands, WordPress amongst them offers the most flexibility of all. The blogging platform offers an ideal mix that lets its users optimize the platform for both SEO and conversion but also makes it possible to actualize the hottest website design trends on the website without having to lose customers to your competition or manage numerous plugins. Surely, this has proven to be invaluable to a millennial who is just starting to learn how to run his or her online business.

This flexibility does not only rest on themes and plugins but on the blogging platform itself. Upon choosing WordPress to run your site, you don’t have to strain much with writing codes. WordPress is an easy-to-use, flexible tool that leaves room for small, especially young entrepreneurs like you, to concentrate on other important things, such as creating content, running your business, and running your brand. Without the need for codes, you can post a blog, upload a product or service without the help of a website developer, enabling you to make significant updates on the website by yourself.

Because WordPress is designed and developed by a community, it has plenty of available themes and plugins to give your site the look and function according to your specific needs. The possibilities are indeed endless with WordPress. It is powerful enough to run a multi-million dollar business, and yet it is also a wonder to behold for personal bloggers. With it, you can design whatever type of website that you desire. You can use it for a blog, to promote your art, or to create a niche personal or business website. You can easily adjust its settings to cater to the requirements of the website you want to develop.

3.1. Easy Content Management

For WordPress to be held in such high esteem that it becomes the de facto reference point whenever the whole concept of CMS is talked about, it must be able to satisfy a number of specific needs that are generally acceptable. Actually, when the concept of having a CMS was born, what was required was a smoothing of an insurmountable web development concept: internet exclusive to the techie community. You could do so little if you had no programming or hacking skills. But once the cow has been milked, then it is good to share the milk freely with everyone. Open-source platform definitions share software codes freely and WordPress, being one of them, is simply discussing ideas and offers a platform that enables its users to come up with websites that meet individual needs.

Whenever the concept of a content management system (CMS) gets mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind should be WordPress. This is probably the best blogging platform and website content management system that has been proven to redefine content publishing. Its history dates back to 2003 and it has been undergoing a series of regular updates, enjoying unrivaled global patronage. This platform empowers you to smoothly manage your website or blog through a web-based user interface that aids in publishing, revising, indexing, moderating, and editing the website that you need. This capability is not limited to your webpages; it is also extended to your multimedia and other file types that you would like to upload to your site. The entire website development process is simplified to the point of a person’s needs.

3.2. Responsive Design Options

Twenty Seventeen, the team’s latest default theme for 2017, takes full advantage of the enhanced content width, giving your website plenty of room to show off large, responsive images accurately, while you look brilliantly professional. They’ve chosen the versatile, open sans as the default Google Font, and have perfectly matched it with different customizable sizes, weights, and space, creating a typographic hierarchy that’s almost impossible to beat. Customize your header video’s dazzling color contrasts and sharp high-definition video to meet your goal. Then sidestep concerns around losing mobile visitors representation with ‘Title areas’ ensuring your graceful and fluid support cascades through this version that’s become the second most popular theme worldwide.

WordPress v4.9 introduced many new features to enhance the user’s workflow and work efficiency, including major improvements to the Customizer to ease the process of drafting design. Preview your website on any screen size using the Customizer by clicking on the little device icons. The improved flow directly impacts the user’s efficiency when making draft changes that modify how it looks on the frontend. This version (4.9) is for the more technically advanced user, providing custom CSS options directly from the Customizer, making updates instantaneously.

3.3. Integration with Third-Party Services

– Real-time syncing services for better performance and scalability – Advanced shipping services – Point of Sale (POS) terminals – Databases, external data files or web services – Advanced workflow systems – Advanced continuous integration methodologies and third-party security audit and penetration testing services – Third-party PIM systems – File systems-storage systems: S3, GoogleGCS providing reliability and scalability of file storage and retrieval at low costs – You can also use dedicated and/or ‘Smart’ mail delivery services for delivery of high priority mail from the application, services to track mail receipt and receipts, various mail services, etc.

In addition, if your requirements go beyond what is offered as an all-inclusive platform, or if you need a real-time syncing service for better performance and scalability, advanced POS systems, shipping services, and/or if you have specific security audit requirements, you are not left out in the wild. WordPress provides seamless integration with leading third-party solutions at various layers of operation such as:

WordPress is not just a content management system, but it’s a comprehensive platform to power all your website needs. It can be ready to accommodate complex e-commerce operations, advanced social networking features, performance tracking, advanced features such as custom registration, structured test data, plugin or theme purchase insights, and more.

3.4. Scalability and Growth Potential

Irrespective of how much you customize or personalize the website, the basic infrastructure for your digital presence will always remain within the WP ecosystem—this supports your evolutionary processes without major hitches. More than 50,000 plugins exist on free hosting platforms, and hundreds of themes are available for advanced user vulnerability. If you are able to comprehend and venture into the vast possibilities of your website, there will be no need to migrate to a new website or build one if you have achieved recognizable growth and increased web presence. Extensive growth prospects can also result from your understanding of the merchant platform intrinsic element. Unlike other well-known web platforms, your website need not radically alter its appearance upon familiarity with the native ecosystem, products can be moved and come back incrementally. A website should not be dependent on just one native service, that’s why you should consider WordPress. Get to better understand the platform at your comfort to reap rewards in your periods of weakness and strength.

WordPress offers immeasurable growth potential for businesses with one, two or more pages, those with personalized themes, and for websites requiring ultimate customization beyond the common user boundary. A website grows in different phases; leads increase, your business expands, and so should your digital presence. The nature of your business can also change, leading to the addition of more website pages and modules. Since plugins enhance functionality and flexibility, a WordPress service is a sans pareil web partner for your website at inception and always.

4. WordPress Community and Support

Your marketplace includes the Fortune 500, corporations, and growing craftsmen. You share the fact with those individuals, clothing outfits, and fine arts, works of art that museumize a scheme, by being on WordPress. You have access to the shared Brain pick wires and features substantial business relationships. WordPress management is likewise an industry. Small enterprise, entrepreneurs, issues around matter, matter from the manufacturer, or anything in between partnering with WordPress developers that are profitable in helping out WordPress and receiving clubhouse the 24/7 slack.

It’s the sheer huge number of people who are using WordPress that is creating a massively active, supportive, and generous community around it. This has resulted in a treasure chest of documentation, from documentation of WordPress itself to freely available courseware, to tutorials for WordPress novices. Everyone is eager to help you when you need help, and you often only need to search for your question on a search website and find it answered in multiple spots in a friendly community support forum somewhere on the Internet. Joining in with this community and learning from each other is a highly energizing thing and certainly separates your experience of running a WordPress site from using any other technology. Not only fixing any WordPress problem, but also the shared economy of plugins and WordPress themes, and providers of support for WordPress, enable WordPress users to leverage their collective wisdom and win. Their platform has accelerated. This economy will continue to lift WordPress as the content platform to find more business organization, cash-rich organization, manufacturer, and corporation to follow.

4.1. Active Community of Developers and Users

WordPress is not only developed by an active and global community but is also applied across the globe—in fact, with a higher market share compared with other content management systems. Many companies use custom-developed platforms to run their websites, but the best websites are mainly running on WordPress. As such, it is efficient in addressing the challenges of website management, security, search engine optimization (SEO), local search, content management, marketing, and SEM. These efforts are not only carried out by developers and individual users; they are also constantly reviewed and monitored by WordPress users who know it all. Such a wealth of expertise and benchmarks means that your website will not fall behind as long as you are using WordPress. Installing WordPress is free (though there are costs for domains and hosting) and, as a programmer, I believe that WordPress is (and should be) the go-to for those seeking rapid implementation of solutions (for website development).

It is not just open-source; it is also supported by a broader and active channel of developers and users. As they say, two heads are better than one. Imagine that you have a lot of heads to think for you, doing the work of covering various aspects of website management, from programming to content and market analysis. You have thousands of themes to use, most of which are editable, and so you can customize them to suit your needs. You have hundreds of thousands of plugins—also scalable—to equip your website with the latest tools, without tinkering at the backend of your website. The continuous innovation by the WordPress community makes WordPress the go-to content management system that can be used in so many ways that are as limitless as the imagination of its users.

4.2. Regular Updates and Security Measures

Security is a primary concern that WordPress handles effectively. Like any other powerful website construction tool, security manipulation at its best could shield you from accidentally giving access to hackers. WordPress realizes this and intensely invests into security updating. And this happens across its entire platform. With ever-evolving technology strategies, strategies of security hackers take the same route. Thanks to WordPress developers, as they are cautious enough to continuously monitor and assess the website’s landscape, keeping up with the newest security rules. Every time a developer identifies a low-risk vulnerability, they upgrade their service to improve security and develop additional safeguards. In doing so, you are rest assured that hacking threats go down significantly. It’s akin to sleeping soundly without any hint of intrusion. Also, WordPress is quite good at notifying any vulnerabilities with newsletters on various plugins and themes, and permissions. As an administrator, you would only need to regularly check these notifications and abide by them, should you have any specific security needs.

WordPress fixes bugs and enhances the user experience as and when necessary. With every new version, they rectify bugs, reduce security risks, update plugins and themes, and write new programs. Also, when you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, you receive details about the new features and how they come in handy for your website. Besides general maintenance, WordPress comes up with regular software updates for the platform and states the program’s named version as well. This gives you details about what kind of features they are implementing to make life easier for WordPress website owners. In case you miss any update, the platform takes the liberty to update automatically (if you have configured it for such functionality). All of this happens without any additional charge to you. Due to such robustness, the CMS gets readily updated to the most recent versions automatically, even while you sleep.

4.3. Access to Extensive Documentation and Resources

All of these add up to make WordPress a potent option for almost every kind of web development project you can think of. Therefore, when you are looking to engage your website development in an agency, make sure that they are familiar and have extensive experience with WordPress. Doing so ensures your website is prepared to inherit best-in-class feature sets and will carry it through its lifetime until future ends its life cycle, see it being updated or even transcended into a newer version. At the same time with future-ready standards in place, it also makes forgoing a future migration to another alternate platform seamless and worry-free!

In the fast-paced digital world, opportunities keep popping up from every corner every now and then. Therefore, it is much appreciated when there is a wealth of resources and extensive documentation to offer one a helping hand. When it comes to the dearly beloved WordPress, the last few years have seen it evolve and grow even further to become a full-fledged platform in terms of features and functions. Yet with all the new additions and changes, there are still only a handful of proven and widely used methodologies, codexes for its various functions, mature APIs, and a great library of tutorials available. Because WordPress is charmingly versatile and sees a wide array of uses cases, a very wide range of plugins and themes are available for realms such as e-commerce, forums, events management, advertising, newsletter, project management, and countless others.

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