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1. Introduction

There are over 27 million live WordPress websites and the numbers are increasing. Practically, for any business, you can think about. That means, the level of competition is also increasing. This kind of competition can only be won by a professional. These professionals are known as “WordPress Development Agency”. However, we cannot ignore the importance of a freelancer.

But, when WordPress Development Agencies offer a complete solution for businesses and individuals who seek to establish their presence in the Internet world, then why choose the freelancers? In this article, I will discuss the importance of hiring a professional for WordPress development and will compare the advantages of using a reputed development agency over freelancers.

First of all, hiring professional agencies ensures that you are getting high quality services and better support for your project. The agencies have a team of experts for your project. On the other hand, when you hire a freelancer, you may not receive the same quality of work and professional attitude.

Because, freelancers work independently, so you may not trust them, that they will be available for support after completion of the project. However, in case of agencies, you will always be able to find support, even after completion of the project. And if a developer is sick or leaves the job, then there are many others who can quickly take over your project.

This level of security you cannot attain if you go for a freelancer. Lastly, with agencies, you can be sure that the project will be delivered on time. But, with freelancers, many people have reported that their projects are delayed without any prior notice. These are the main reasons why you should hire a professional agency to do your internet marketing or web development job. Using an agency to develop your WordPress website will give you greater peace of mind and importantly, it will also provide you with a website that has a far greater chance of success online.

1.1. Importance of hiring a professional for WordPress development

In today’s fast-paced market, it is essential to have a responsive, high-quality website to keep up with the competition and to attract as many clients as possible. It is important not only to have a website, but to have a well-maintained and professionally designed website.

With over 33% of all the websites on the internet and a 60.8% CMS market share, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world and is used by 14.7% of the world’s top websites. It is extremely important to use professionals, like a WordPress Development Agency, for website development to ensure a business is not left behind in the digital world. An expert in WordPress will be able to transform a website into a marketing machine with goals such as obtaining more clients, increasing traffic, and reducing a marketing budget. By hiring a professional agency, businesses can effectively save time by not doing complex website work and ensure the project is completed within a foreseeable timeframe.

More importantly, they could avoid damaging consequences due to lack of experience. Nowadays, it is getting increasingly difficult to stand out in search engines, considering every day more websites are created and competition is constantly growing.

That is why a well-structured, fast, clean-coded, and mobile responsive website has a huge impact on search engine optimization, also known as SEO. A professional company can provide the resources and experience necessary for a successful online marketing campaign. Regular customers, in most cases, are looking for the same type of information.

A business owner doesn’t have time to keep an eye on the contents and update it regularly. However, fresh content is what search engines look for. A company can have several clients and will constantly have the need to update content. In such cases, a blog is necessary for the business.

A WordPress expert can easily set up and manage an organized blog, so there is plenty of good content and other information to draw customers in and keep them interested. Also, it strengthens the client’s specific brand through an updated, well-managed blog and all the social media channels, giving a big hand to the company’s SEO efforts. Consulting with a professional for the online business will allow the project to be as successful as possible. However, the key is to find a reputable and reliable digital agency.

A legitimate agency will only assign professionals for the projects. They will be with clients every step of the way. Most importantly, they will be there for the long-term and have the perfect reason to maintain a successful business relationship by providing an excellent service.

1.2. Comparison between agencies and freelancers

Thus, this kind of support and the experience that a client will get from the agency far outweigh what a freelancer could offer. On top of that, there is likely to be an account management team in the agency that may be able to offer strategic and digital advice that only comes from years of experience in developing and delivering digital projects.

WordPress development agencies, in contrast, have all the benefits of in-house development as well as much more at their disposal. This includes the use of support from other agencies in terms of network in a situation, knowledge sharing as well as a forum to use onsite support. In fact, you’ll often find that agencies also have strong ties with IT support and other services, meaning they can be used as a business partner or even provide development in a number of different areas.

As a client, this means that you are safe in the knowledge that agencies will be providing a reliable service, which will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest of standards. Agencies often use ongoing support contracts to provide the full range of services that may allow a client to get on with running their business, leaving the agency to look after the website.

On the other hand, freelancers often have specialized knowledge in niche areas of technology and tend to be highly skilled in their area of expertise. Thus, they are often chosen for specific elements such as the design of a site or a complex bit of functionality.

However, a freelancer’s expertise is limited to his area of specialization and their technology choices will reflect that. For example, while they may be able to build a website from the ground up using HTML and CSS, a freelancer may not also be able to install a database or provide a comprehensive e-commerce solution using PHP and MySQL.

A professional WordPress development agency typically has an interdisciplinary team with diverse skills, including strategy, research, design, technology, and project management. This allows the agency to tackle complex projects, as the team’s efforts can be coordinated and often draw on a wide range of skills. Be it a large or small project, there will be someone at the agency that can help immediately, even if a project manager changes in the middle of the project or a designer goes on vacation.

2. Expertise and Skillset

On the other hand, a freelancer might be a better option if you are looking for a specialized type of work, such as a plugin that needs highly specialized technical knowledge to create, and someone with an in-depth knowledge of that particular area of the project will become more beneficial.

However, freelancers depend on their own knowledge and experience, and this may bring limitations to the expertise, ideas, and the innovation of a technical project. Also, they might become isolated in their own tasks without the influence of other team members, potentially reducing the quality of the solutions, the chance of knowledge sharing, and focusing on continual improvement.

Suppose a developer becomes unavailable due to illness, holiday, resignation, or a sudden requirement. In that case, the agency will have plans according to the availability or by reallocating responsibilities to others in the team, with no implications for the project. Therefore, employing an agency to develop your WordPress website means having a team that can bring together diverse skillsets for the most efficient and effective development and subsequent operation of your digital project.

The diverse skillset of a professional WordPress development agency is a major advantage over hiring a freelancer. Agencies have teams of professionals with vast experience and diverse skillsets. This means that there will always be someone to work on your project no matter the size or complexity.

The team will collaborate to come up with a feasible plan, developing and iterating it throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that the end result meets all of your project objectives.

2.1. Diverse skillset of a WordPress development agency

A team of professionals in a WordPress development agency has specific people for different tasks. For example, a WordPress development agency will have individual experts for designing, developing, and quality check of the project.

This means that all of the work is done by specialists who are experts in their own field. If work is given to a freelancer, they may be a specialist in one area and have limited knowledge and resources in other areas. For example, a person who specializes in design may not have the technical expertise to develop the project to its full potential. Secondly, a freelancer works alone and has no one to check their work.

It has been found that people who work alone are less productive than those who work in a team and less quality work is produced. This may lead to the project not being delivered on time or not being of a high standard. In addition, if something goes wrong with the project, for example it breaks, then a client is likely to have to pay a freelancer to fix it.

On the other hand, a WordPress development agency will offer a guarantee or a support period in which a client can get something fixed for free. Also, as technology is always changing, it is important to keep a WordPress site updated. If a WordPress site is not regularly maintained and updated, it becomes more susceptible to security breaches and poor site performance.

By employing the services of a WordPress development agency, a client can ensure that their site is regularly updated and maintained. This is because the agency is likely to offer a maintenance package that will keep the site updated for a yearly fee. However, if a freelancer is used, there is no guarantee that the site will be maintained after the project is completed.

A client would have to search for a new developer to maintain the site and ensure it is updated. Overall, a WordPress development agency offers the complete package; from the design to the ongoing maintenance of the site. With the diverse set of skills and the knowledge and resources available in a team environment, a professional and successful site can be delivered. On the other hand, using a freelancer may lead to a project not being delivered on time, bad quality work and no ongoing support and resources after the project is completed.

2.2. Specialized expertise of freelancers in specific areas

In contrast, specialized expertise in a particular area of WordPress development is a key strength of a freelancer. Since they are free to choose the projects they work on, they tend to be passionate about what they do. They often pursue avenues to expand their knowledge and skills in a particular niche of WordPress development. Over time, they build a strong portfolio of work in that niche and establish a reputation for themselves within the WordPress development community.

The advantage for clients is that they can find a freelancer who is highly specialized in a particular area that is directly related to their project. This wealth of specialized expertise means that freelancers are well equipped to work on complex, niche or unusual project areas. However, it is important that clients ensure the freelancer has a tangible track record of success in that area.

Also, a potential downside is that the freelancer might become ‘typecast’ in that area and may not be willing to explore alternative approaches to project work. Like the agencies, it is crucial that freelancers remain active and passionate about staying up to date with the dynamic technological developments in WordPress.

In the context of project work, the discussions on resources and specialized expertise highlight a dilemma for clients; whether to opt for the intensive team-based skillset offered by a WordPress development agency or the highly specialized knowledge of a freelancer in a particular area of the project.

From my own personal experience as a WordPress developer, I have found that these factors – and the nuanced differences between agency and freelancer support structures – can have a critical impact on project timelines and the success.

2.3. Importance of expertise in delivering high-quality WordPress projects

The formation of a professional staff that is in charge of managing a given aspect of a project is another reason why it is good to hire a WordPress development agency over a freelancer. Here, these experts will have dedicated their entire time to ensuring that they have found the best solutions and strategies that can be used to solve a given problem.

This kind of effort cannot be realized when a freelancer is hired to do a given task. In most instances, a freelancer will have a literally difficult work and finding time to consult or seek for opinions from other experts in the same field is literally impossible. However, when one decides to hire an agency, the established system of management ensures that every expert in the given project has consulted with each other so that the solution realized is the most possible solution as per that case.

This means more efficiency and reliability to the solution achieved through teamwork. Also, it is good to hire a WordPress development agency because one will have easier access to a team of professionals who have a good experience and a broader knowledge when it comes to offering solutions in the same field. As compared to hiring a freelancer who may also possess the required expertise, chances are that the individuals employed by this agency have engaged themselves in more advanced research and had a lot of exposures in the given field, a fact that is more likely going to result in more successful project and better outcomes.

3. Resources and Support

When we consider the resources, it is better to go for a development agency and not for a freelancer. By hiring a WordPress development agency, you will have a wide range of resources available which will ease your task to a larger extent. As mentioned earlier, agencies have different teams for different tasks and they all work simultaneously on the same project, which results in saving a lot of time and a product with lots of features in a very short time. Agencies also have many things which freelancers do not have.

They have powerful computers with high speeds, large monitors, and most importantly, they follow all the standards for development. They have the proper team, which includes developers, designers, quality assurance or testing teams, content makers, and also port launch and marketing support. On the other hand, a freelancer does not have all these resources.

Yes, they have a personal computer with just personal speed, maybe a large or small monitor, and nothing else. A freelancer has come up with an idea, developed the idea at their personal level, and is waiting/looking for people who require that work to get it done for them and to get paid. The problem with freelancer work is that they do not follow the standards and do not have all the resources as mentioned above for an agency. In most cases, they develop something today and then disappear, and no one knows where they have gone.

So it means there is no chance for the services and the warranty given unless the freelancer is very reliable and we have them on proper records with the job they have done. It is always unpredictable for the people who are using the services provided by a freelancer, and the risk is also there because if something has to be developed again or any alteration is required, then there is no way to get that. On the other hand, agencies do provide the services from team members, and if any alteration requires doing, then the relevant person or team does that for you. When we consider the support, it comes as the same for the resources provided.

As a client, it is the right to know about the status or suggestions, ideas, or any approval required at some stage of the development, and agencies do have what customers require. The agency has a good management system by introducing better customer services. They always give a quick response to customer requests or any things like informational or any help the customer wants. And most importantly, the customer is kept informed of every change or milestone within the development.

Agencies are much responsible and fully support the customer’s time and money. On the other hand, when you hire a freelancer, then the situation is as we have already discussed in the resources part. They may give you support, but not to the level an agency can give, and it always depends on the freelancer’s work availability and their willingness to meet or pick up the phone or help. A freelancer can give a personal number, but that does not provide the services as compared to a company. So it’s better to go with an agency for more and quick support and better performance and results.

3.1. Access to a team of professionals in a WordPress development agency

In a WordPress development agency, there are various professionals working across different projects. Therefore, their expertise is diverse and can be combined to support large and complex projects. This is important in handling different aspects of a project such as design, development, testing, and content creation, to ensure high-quality work and timely delivery.

In addition, team members can review each other’s work, which helps to maintain high standards in the projects. On the other hand, a freelancer works alone and has a specialized area of expertise. For instance, a freelancer may be a developer who focuses on building custom plugins. Although a freelancer can be an expert in his own area, he may not have the same standard and efficiency as a team of professionals when handling a large and complex project.

Furthermore, hiring a freelancer also poses the risk of project failure if the freelancer is not able to complete the project due to unforeseen reasons such as sickness and accidents. On top of that, there is no one to take over the project if a freelancer decides to abandon it halfway through.

3.2. Limited resources and support from a freelancer

Hiring a WordPress development agency also solves another problem: resources and support for the project. The reality of a freelancer’s situation is that they have limited resources. Usually, they work alone from home and might have another job to attend as well, meaning even less time to work on your project. Agencies are different in this regard; a professional development agency will have an extensive team of developers, each with their own expert skills in addition to a dedicated customer service department.

If you have a specific problem with one of their plugins or a bit of website code, you can be sure that there will be someone who can help you in the agency. This level of support is not at all common amongst the services of a freelancer and is something you should consider as being vital for the successful building and maintenance of your website. Also, the longer a project takes to complete, the more money you’re going to have to pour into it and time is precious – particularly in business.

If something were to happen to your freelancer, the project could be delayed indefinitely; agencies can offer assurances that your project will be completed on time and within budget. If you value having an eager support network and the stability of consistent resources, then hiring an agency is definitely the best option for you. Given the advanced nature of modern website development and the ever-fluctuating level of demand, having access to professionals and regular updates is crucial to the ongoing success for your business. Hiring an agency can offer you precedes that are just not possible with a freelancer and that will ultimately improve the standard of your project. Such mutual target is the success of your project and customer satisfaction – after all, it is in the best interest of the agency to support you properly as that is what will keep you returning with future business.

3.3. Impact of resources and support on project timelines and success

In addition to expertise, having the right resources and support is equally important in determining the success of a project. A WordPress development agency provides access to a team of professionals who have different skillsets and experience. This means that the right people with the right expertise can be allocated to the project. Having a diverse team can offer more innovative solutions and better problem-solving in the development process. On the other hand, freelancers usually work alone and they have limited resources and support.

In most cases, if a freelancer is stuck in a particular task, they would have to solve the problem on their own and this may take a longer time. Considering a business perspective, time is money. With more efficient use of time, cost could be reduced and more profit can be made. In addition, time plays an important role in determining project success. The longer a project drags on, the more likely it is to fail. Since a project often relies on certain tasks to be completed first, inefficiency in time management among team members may lead to an overall lengthening of project time.

Moreover, a longer project duration may also result in a higher project risk. For example, market conditions may change and new competitors may enter the market with better products before the project is completed. As such, having resources and support from a professional team is important to take on complex projects because the project timeline is more likely to be adhered to and the risk of project failure can be reduced. Lastly, both clients and developers should bear in mind that successful interaction between project involving team members and associated clients are essential in achieving project success. A good communication and supportive team relationship may shorten the project life cycle by promoting efficiency and effectiveness through prompt problem solving and decision-making. Experience sharing.

4. Accountability and Reliability

On the other hand, a freelancer is a person who works alone, with minimum help or resources and no fixed working hours. Due to this, freelancers are said to be reliable, as they deliver consistent results. Association of freelancing with reliability is made in the article because freelancers have the flexibility to choose the time and place of work and they can adapt to the needs of clients to ensure consistent results.

It is mentioned in the article that “freelancers often have more time to focus on their clients and are able to develop a deeper personal relationship with them, ensuring a consistent standard of work”. Also, in the article, instructors mentioned that this consistent standard of work including ‘regular contact and submitting work by agreed deadlines’, further highlighting how reliability is linked to maintaining clients’ satisfaction.

Lastly, accountability of a WordPress development agency and reliability of freelancers are compared from the perspective of client satisfaction. That is, agencies are said to be accountable, but not necessarily reliable, whilst freelancers are seen to be reliable, but not necessarily accountable “all of the time”. The main ideas in this part of a text are linked together clearly in the writer’s argument and this supports reading comprehension.

For example, readers can follow the writer’s reasoning behind why each of the mentioned reasons in the text contribute to the claim made by the writer and understand the writer’s intended meaning. So, readers are able to critically analyze the validity of the writer’s argument in response to the given question and apply knowledge learned from the text to other areas of study.

4.1. Accountability of a WordPress development agency in meeting project deadlines

Hence, accountability of a WordPress development agency in meeting project deadlines is critical. Due to the size and complexity of the WordPress projects, deadlines are often the main concern of the clients. A good and professional agency will never be later with the deadline simply because there are staff who work on different tasks.

For example, before the web development phase starts, the project has to go through the project study and concept design phase. These tasks will be handled by the analysts and designed consecutively, and therefore the development team will have a good amount of time to complete the web development tasks. Once the development phase is passed, the quality assurance and testing phase will start. These tell us that resources and time in a professional agency are well managed and allocated.

Clients can easily check with the project managers or the person in charge in the agency at any particular time if they want to know the project progress, but it is unlikely in a freelancer’s case. On the contrary, some freelancers cannot finish the project on time simply because they are juggling among their own projects, as well as website maintenance to provide continuous support for their clients as any problem arises.

This will directly affect the project delivery. Besides that, delay of project completion is not just about time and budget overrun, but also it may affect clients’ marketing plan. For example, when the project is a web redevelopment, there is always a limited time offer or special discount for the relaunching of the website.

Such opportunity cannot be afforded to miss and clients will definitely choose a reliable agency in such case where all the deadlines can be met. Some clients commented that they were attracted by the low service charge offered by the freelancers but end up losing much more money because the project cannot be completed before the deadline. It is unfair for the clients who pay for the professional fee and they can’t get a professional service. Such a sad story! As a conclusion, a professional web development agency is far more preferable for any serious business owners who are looking for a good redevelopment of their company’s website.

Always keep in mind the above 4 points and make a wise selection may save your money, time and effort in the long run.

4.2. Reliability of freelancers in delivering consistent results

Every development process needs a certain level of predictability, particularly when it comes to meeting project deadlines and ensuring the quality of the final deliverable. While a sound development plan and efficient project management can help increase reliability, especially with Agile delivery, there is no guarantee that freelancers will deliver the same consistent results needed for high client satisfaction. This is where an agency’s method of operation and its associated accountability can provide a more reliable option.

First of all, accountability is a key driver for consistent results. A development agency – especially one that is a limited company – is embedded within the UK legal structure, which means that it is responsible to law and to society. In practice, this means clear accountabilities and lines of responsibility, for example, through ensuring that all members of a management board understand their accountabilities both collectively and individually. Also, in an agency that operates proper project governance methods and quality management systems, every step from requirements analysis, through design and testing to delivery will be subject to some form of peer review and quality control checks. These checks and accountabilities work together to provide assurance to the customer that the product delivered will meet their requirements.

Furthermore, freelancers often have fast-changing availability because they might take on other temporary or part-time contracts in order to keep themselves in work. Their priorities can change as the fiscal year progresses, so clients cannot always be certain that the freelancer they use at the start of a project will still be available when required to deliver post-implementation support. On the other hand, a development agency usually has the scale and customer base to maintain a continuous level of business and retain all of its staff through contracts of employment, bringing more stability and predictable resource to the client.

Also, some agencies offer warranties on their work; for example, a software product such as a bespoke management system will often have a warranty against errors and bugs for the first few weeks of operation after ‘go live’. This additional level of commitment to providing a reliable and consistent result is an important selling point to the customer. In certain sectors such as aviation and healthcare where safety is critical, the government or relevant trade bodies may specify that an agency with appropriate quality standards and method of operations must be used to ensure a culture of consistent results and accountability to the end user.

This opens up development work into these sectors for agencies, but at the same time offering a level of remedy for the customer if the work is sub-standard. In the rapidly evolving digital world, it is essential that internet-based services such as WordPress development continue to contain robust measures for ensuring the reliability and consistency of the end results, not just for customer satisfaction but also for overall confidence in the digital economy.

4.3. Significance of accountability and reliability in client satisfaction

At the beginning, a WordPress agency is very specific about goals, deadlines, and correct processes to do work. Since being larger in size, every department has its own importance in achieving the final goal. Also, in a well-established agency, there is a project management team as well, who keeps an eye on each project that is running and their deadlines.

But in case of some failure, someone from the team can take over the project and complete it. On the other hand, in the case of a freelancer, scheduling is usually messier: without any deadlines and clear goals, the chances are higher that the client goes away due to misunderstanding. Added to that, in terms of customization, the team in a well-reputed agency has more ideas, ways, and suggestions from different perspectives that can work efficiently. It means that every person is a potential source for the answer to a specific problem. Another factor that aids in client satisfaction is the element of reliability.

Freelancers are usually thought to be more reliable than development agencies. This is mainly due to the fact that with agencies, there is a noticeable change in the project team when a member leaves which can easily disorient the work and may lead to disputes.

As in the case of WordPress development agencies, if a new person is introduced into the team, there is a subsequent time where the person is being integrated into the team while his abilities are recognized. This transitional period can lead to a lack of direction in the project, which is not ideal for the customers. Reliability as a freelancer is due to them being able to produce consistent results over a longer period of time.

Due to the consistent quality of work produced by the freelancer, individuals have the option to become well-known for work in certain areas. This can lead to more referral work and consistent income. On the other hand, the reliability of workers in a professional web development agency can be focused on the consistency of high-quality results from the project team, without too much reference to a particular workstream.

Given that, the acceptance that clients can form a real relationship with a freelancer provides the basis for them to come into a standard way of working. This can be as opposed to a so-called factory line of ‘click here go to the next department’. Such relationships may allow both the client and worker to understand what works best for the other and how obstacles may be overcome more efficiently.

For instance, a professional client has outlined his overall design and requirements and offered guidance on how he would like the web page to grow. This is key for some start-up businesses that do not have the revenue to continually engage a web development agency in adapting the site.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, based on the factors discussed, it is clear that hiring a WordPress development agency over a freelancer is the better choice. Agencies offer a diverse set of skills, experience, and expertise and ensure that there is a knowledgeable professional to take on the project. Availability and reliability are guaranteed with an agency as they will have more resources and available staff to help meet time demands and handle more complex projects. With a full team behind every project, each aspect can be checked and quality can be kept to a high standard compared to a sole freelancer.

The flexibility and well-distributed team also means there are professionals with years of experience in small design details, coding, and SEO needs that a single skilled freelancer may not possess. In terms of communication and project timeline, agencies have structured points of contact and can generally produce better project management and faster completion times.

While freelancers may be good for smaller projects and more intimate, flexible creative management, the quality, efficiency, and guarantee of accountability from a WordPress development agency cannot be beat. Having looked at the varying degrees displayed by both parties in the comparison, many aspects of quality, reliability, and efficiency in the production of a project have been identified by which an educated decision can be made when considering which route to take for a final product.

Agencies often give clients the chance to keep a retainable relationship and build up various resources by having a continuous professional backing a contract; and from a business standpoint, this is almost always going to guarantee success and profit. It is in the interest of the client to find the right balance between the budget and quality, and this article has shown that across the board an agency might be more suited, for its reliable standard, compared to the flexibility and varied quality of a lone freelancer.


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