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Overview of Small business SEO process

If you’re a small business owner, you may be on the fence about SEO. It’s a difficult process that takes time and money. But if your company interacts with customers online, it is necessary to implement an SEO strategy for small businesses.

This article will walk through each small business SEO process step by step. If you have some experience with small business marketing, feel free to scroll down to a specific section of this article:

1) On-site Factors for small business SEO
2) Off-site Factors for small business SEO
3) Local small business seo factors
4) Social Media small biz seo factors
5) Technical small business seo factors
6) Content small business seo factors
7) Competitor small business seo analysis
8) Action plan for small biz seo strategy

SEO is one of the most effective small business marketing strategies available. If you implement an SEO plan, your website will be ranked higher than your competitors in search engine results pages (SERPS), so more customers can find you when they search for keywords related to your small business. Your small business may also qualify for Adwords Express, which allows your company to show up above organic search results on Google with a small ad that is marked as an advertisement. Your small business can receive more customers simply by being on the first page of Google.

Now we will discuss bout each SEO factor in detail so you will about to understand them better and implement the process most efficiently.

What are the On-site small business seo factors?

In today’s small business SEO process, on-site small business seo factors are much more important than they were in years past. Previously, small businesses could rank high in search engine results pages by stuffing their websites with keywords and backlinks to increase their webpage rankings. Now, this is known as Black Hat SEO.

Instead of focusing on backlinks and keywords, small business owners should pay attention to noncoding elements that contribute to website optimization: HTML meta tags, keyword density, primary pages title & description, URL structure, alt text for images, etc.

What are the Off-site small business seo factors?

Off-site small business seo factors are still important, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Since most small businesses cannot influence the sites which link to them (i.e. web directories or other small businesses), you must respond to links with care. If someone links to your small business website incorrectly, just ask them to correct it!

Writing articles and publishing them online can increase your small biz’s domain authority via fresh content that is relevant to your company, so this is one of the best small business SEO processes.

What are the Local small business seo factors?

Small businesses can also take advantage of local small business seo factors. If your small business is located in a small town, make sure to list it on Google Maps and Bing Places. Also, if you have a physical location with a storefront or office hours, make sure that you include this information on your small business website.

What are the Social small biz seo factors?

Social small biz seo comes before SEO most of the time. You should always be striving to create social media accounts for every aspect of your small business. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.

While social small biz seo is a small business marketing process in itself, small businesses should not be neglecting their SEO efforts. Social small biz seo factors work quite well together because people will search for your small business on Google and find its social media accounts there.

What are the Technical small business seo factors?

Technical small business seo isn’t too important to small businesses who don’t have a lot of online presence or small businesses that only sell their services online. However, if you own a physical location and you want customers to know where it is, make sure your address and phone number are visible on every webpage of your small business website – this makes technical small business seo pretty easy.

Small businesses that want to be found by customers via Google Maps should make sure their small business website is mobile-friendly because nowadays small businesses like yours are more likely to be found on Google Maps than on the white pages.


SEO small business processes should include small changes rather than large ones. By making small changes over time you can implement best practices and increase your small biz’s web presence easily! Just remember to focus on metadata, social media & link building, for now, then move onto other small business seo factors later if needed!

We can help you grow your business by giving it the SEO service it needs. Let us know how we can help!


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