A good web design is a combination of specialized features amalgamation of some exquisite features that build the best website for your business. For a website to be successful, it should be more than good-looking. A good website provides online users with a seamless experience and great usability. To create a user-friendly web design, make sure your website incorporates the following features:

1.     Usability

Usability refers to how easily your online visitors understand, navigate through and accomplish the goal of accessing your website. Usability could also mean designing blogs according to customer preferences while putting your own ideas on the back burner. Usability can range from educating customers, converting a prospect into customer or having a responsive web design. Moreover, usability refers to planning your content, targeting the audience and leaving no stone unturned in delivering what the customer came to your site for in the first place.

2.     Visuals

Visuals are the heart of a website. Whether a website is meant for communication, reading, shopping or marketing, it relies heavily on visuals to make sure it is striking, eye-catching and captivating. Illustrations and photographs are a great means of providing appeal and importance to a dull website. Moreover, visuals aid in establishing a brand and making your website recognizable instantly. They help in keeping the customers engaged, whether you do so via mailing list, article or an About Us page to put the principals of the business in the picture.

3.     Clarity

One thing that can easily put off existing customers and cause the prospective ones to run away is providing them with vague, ambiguous and inconsistent information. A good web design must provide its customer base with consistent messaging. In simpler words, consistent messaging is having copy-writing with absolutely no room for ambiguity. Moreover, it also involves bringing together design and visual elements of a website so that visitors know where they are and where they should be heading. The internet is saturated with poorly designed websites with meaningless content. Clarity will permit people to reach your website and stay on it with greater chances of returning.

4.     Search Engine Optimized

This is the most important behind-the-scene feature of a good web design. By using the right HTML tags for the page title, heading, and links, you can make your website look fresh, new and up-to-date. It will not only improve your online ranking on search engines but also give online users a reason to link to your website. SEO doesn’t demand 10 posts a day; rather it requires a consistent and reasonably frequent schedule.

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