Pageant of the Masters launches new responsive website

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Mobile Responsive Website Makeover After almost a year of working with Rent Control and Festival of Arts / Pageant of the Masters, we've launched their new, mobile responsive website!  This is a complete re-branding of everything, especially the colors, from their original website as compared to the 2014 website redo.  Even their logo has been expertly re-branded.  There is extensive use of watercolor paint backgrounds and bright, beautiful photography throughout. Events Management Calendar Design The new events [...]

Why your google page rank is about to drop

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[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]Google’s is unleashing it's mobile algorithm update tomorrow which has appropriately been nicknamed 'Mobilegeddon' and in a nutshell, it gives preferential rankings to websites that are mobile enhanced websites that do not pass the Google mobile test. Tomorrow, April 21, 2015 is when Google will start ranking websites importance based off of how mobile friendly their sites are. This is seen as a major change because many companies have websites that have failed Google’s test run for evaluating how mobile friendly their [...]

Bruce Clay’s Annual SEO Predictions for 2015

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It's no secret that Bruce Clay is THE internet expert when it comes to SEO. But the predictions for this year are not all that surprising to those of us in the industry who have seen this coming for quite a while. The main point to be taken from this is that if you have a non-responsive, non-mobile enhanced website, you must take action to avoid negatively affecting the opportunity to be shown in Google's index.  Not only will [...]

Beginner’s Tips for Starting a Website: What Stay-at-Home-Moms Need to Know

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For stay-at-home moms, starting a blog or developing an ecommerce website can serve as a professional outlet and help cushion bank accounts. The Small Business Administration (SBA) notes that in 2011, ecommerce sales raked in around $190 billion and are growing more quickly than traditional retail sales. As an entrepreneurial mom, you'll want to get in on the action by starting your own website. For concerns about expenditures, technical expertise and time, read the following as a beginner's [...]

From Passion to Profits: Blog Monetization

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Is there real money to be made in blogging? You bet there is. The Huffington Post, at its heart a blog site, was bought by AOL in 2012 for $315 million, according to And while it's true that around 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 total from their blogging efforts, a full 9% made enough in 2012 to pay their bills and sustain their lifestyles blogging 4 to 6 hours a day, as New York [...]

The Hottest Web Design Trends of 2013

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Two-tenths of a second. According to research by the Missouri University of Science and Technology, that’s all it takes for an online visitor to form an opinion about your brand. With the entire perception of your business on the line, it’s crucial the first impression you’re delivering is up to par. So, the question that savvy Web designers and marketers face is, which Web design trends of 2013 have proven so far to have staying power and amplify [...]

James Event Productions Website Launched today!

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After a complete re-branding of the James Event branding after 25 years in branding,  we are very proud to launch their complete website makeover to go with the new colors! This website was a technical feat since we were able to program a Wordpress website install with different branding colors in every section.  Each event type has it's own logo color and printed marketing materials for clients.  The new website uses zero flash technology so it is touch [...]

New Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters Website Launched!

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We are excited to present the brand new Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters website.  This organization and their well recognized events have been a long time fixture in Laguna Beach, CA. Their summer art show and Pageant of the Masters production are not to be missed if you are anywhere near Orange County, Ca from July to August. This project involved taking their existing website which was very nice but about 10 years old and they [...]

New website launched for Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

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The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) and the Counties of Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange chose Web Casa Design to redesign their existing website.  The old site was outdated and was utilizing flash technology, which is invisible to all Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Web Casa Design redesigned the site in a content management platform that is easy for designated staff to update from a browser, add meeting and event schedules, news and more. [button_icon icon="none" [...]

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