7 Effective SEO Ideas to Generate More Traffic

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How can you make sure your SEO ideas and fresh and competitive? By constantly staying aware of the new trends. You need more web traffic, and you need it yesterday. We get it. You're struggling to get your website to stand out from the competition. And just when you think you're on top of this year's top search engine optimization trends, a new one shows up. Not to worry. We've collected a list of 7 ultra-effective SEO ideas just [...]

Top 10 Common SEO Mistakes (Part 2)

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Good SEO doesn’t happen overnight and if you have heard otherwise then you have probably been lied to. In reality, it takes time and good strategies. But some people might still jump the process and opt for mediocre methods to get the ball rolling. Using ineffective SEO will severely affect your traffic. To make sure that it doesn’t happen to you, you need to avoid these very commonly made SEO mistakes. 6.     Not Applying Distinctive Title Tags for [...]

From Passion to Profits: Blog Monetization

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Is there real money to be made in blogging? You bet there is. The Huffington Post, at its heart a blog site, was bought by AOL in 2012 for $315 million, according to JeffBulas.com. And while it's true that around 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 total from their blogging efforts, a full 9% made enough in 2012 to pay their bills and sustain their lifestyles blogging 4 to 6 hours a day, as New York [...]

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