If you’re looking for a video marketing guide, you’re not alone. 79% of marketers not using video plan to implement a video strategy by 2022. And 99% of those already using video plan to use it more often.
The challenge when introducing a brand new type of product into a market that has not yet realized they need it, is finding a creative, fun way to make people realize they need it.  Although it’s a ‘stinky’ subject, this company makes bathroom products that are not easy to market.  How can one possibly create a video or any type of advertisement that people want to watch about a bathroom product?  their first Youtube video ‘Girls Don’t Poop'” was shared over 250,000 times in it’s first week online.  This is their follow up campaign that is just hilarious and has helped catapult this company to huge success.


Take a watch and you’ll quickly see why their videos have helped explain what their product does so well.