Small Business Website Development Orange County

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Introduction Since small business website development for orange county is a fairly big industry and small businesses are the backbone of our communities, it's no surprise that there are more than a few good small businesses at web developers offering website development services in the Orange County area. How do we treat small business website development Orange County in California? At Web Casa Design, we have been helping small businesses grow by means of their websites since 1999. [...]

Top Platforms To Build An eCommerce Website In 2020

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Ecommerce has absolutely exploded in popularity especially with the Covid-19 pandemic upon us.  For the few that were still hesitant to put a credit card into a website and order online before March of 2020, they are now ever grateful for the opportunity to not have to take the risk of physically going into a store to purchase what they need. Everyone has seen news & press on how this effective way of buying and selling is transforming [...]

9 Simple Steps To The Web Design Process

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Building a great website and making it friendly to its users is a painstaking process. During the web design process, a web designer focuses on technical things, like clean coding, content arrangement, attractive and relevant images, wireframes and more. But, they often forget that a website is way more than aesthetics. You have to face several challenges along the way. Thus, having a tested, proven website design that aligns with your strategy is crucial. Below are nine simple steps [...]

Magento vs. WooCommerce vs. Shopify: It’s not about what is best, it is about what is best for you!

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With 2.05 billion digital buyers around the world, your product, startup, or even entire business stands more chance in the embracing world of e-commerce than on the ground. It is one of the reasons behind the rage of web online stores that have enabled exponential growth in global e-commerce. The overall projected e-commerce business growth is likely to reach an unprecedented $4.5 trillion in 2021. The moment you decide you want to create an ecommerce store for yourself, [...]

Learn the Best Practices for SEO in 2021

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A big concern for any business that has a website is appearing at the top of a Google search.  If you search the product or services your business offers and find that your website appears nowhere on the results page. Then it’s time to start taking steps to improve your SEO in 2019.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a looming subject that many business owners feel they are unable to grasp. However, it’s not quite as difficult as [...]

Why Your Business Needs a Full Service Web Design Company

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Orange County, California is filled to the brim with independently owned small businesses. So how do you make yours stand out amongst all the rest? Sure there are many online services that allow you to build your website through a simple process. It's easy to pick a template and plug in your business's information, but the finished product is often distinguishable from websites done professionally. A general template will do nothing to help your business stand out. If [...]

How to Turn Visitors into Customers

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Marketing techniques like search engine optimization and blog writing are great ways to increase site traffic.  Although generating site traffic in the new year is important, what really matters is transforming visitors into customers. There are so many marketing tools to get people to you, but once they are there how do you get them to purchase your product? This is a tough question to tackle since answers rely upon the customer. However, here are a few tips to help [...]

The Necessity of Mobile Optimization

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Have you ever visited a beautifully designed site on your computer, but were unable to navigate it with a phone? Having a well-designed website without mobile optimization is a huge mistake for any business. This year, Google announced a new algorithm that prioritizes mobile-friendly sites over anything else. So even with the presence of seo blog writing and content,  your site won't reach the first page if it's not optimized for mobile use. With the endless options of [...]

How to Make Your Site Customer-Centric

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Have you ever wondered how to make your business stand out amongst the endless options that appear on a search page? There are many strategies to bring people to your site, but it's not just about getting them to click your link.  The real challenge is getting them to stay. The Internet is an unending portal of options and when a customer is in search of a product they are faced with a decision, which one to pick.  [...]

New Year, New Website

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The New Year is here and resolution fever is in the air, generate more business for your company by kicking off 2019 with a new look for your website. Whether it is a complete remodel or a little housekeeping, here are some tips and tricks to make your website stand out this year. Set a Goal First things first, every resolution starts off with an idea.  If your goal in 2019 is to create a website, then sit [...]

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