The recent years showed us how powerful and captivating social media marketing is in the realm of online as well as offline businesses. This can be well understood by the fact that more and more businesses are integrating social media marketing as an indispensable component of their overall marketing strategy. Since it is a relatively new concept compared to other marketing strategies, trial and error and learning is a greater part of it.

There are a number of reasons why businesses use social media marketing; from offering invaluable customer services to developing public relations, promoting the business and its offerings and using social media as a medium of showing all the behind the scene effort.

As per the recent statistics, Facebook is the most utilized social networking site, followed by Twitter and YouTube. However, the big question is, how effective are these platforms and what are the most perpetual challenges that businesses encounter in the online world of marketing? Find your answers below:


Since the online world is expansive and diverse, language barriers are a common occurrence. A marketing message that was an instant hit in the U.S wouldn’t witness the same success in China! The reason is the cultural sensitivities and the nuances of the language. To effectively beat this challenge, businesses must appoint social media country managers. These specialists not only make use of the proper language, but also ensure that the shared images and text doesn’t hurt the sentiments of foreign audiences.

Time Zone Differences

This is one barrier over which businesses can exert limited control. Online businesses must comprehend that the most successful and efficient social media campaigns occur in real time. If a business intends to expand its operations and serve clients all around the world, it will have to keep its communication channels open 24/7 everyday. To keep customers engaged and loyal, it is important to serve customers in real time via promotions, contests etc.

Keeping Up With Global Trends

There couldn’t be a better way to create a more personalized and appealing social media marketing strategy by localizing the content, as per the taste and preference of the in-country target market. As marketing experts, businesses must realize that different things appeal to different set of people. For instance, people in one country may prefer reading blogs whereas; people in another country may be more fascinated by photos and videos. Businesses must build their social media strategy in accordance with the relevancy of the target audience spread across the globe.

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