We have a very special before and after twice for this organization.  Web Casa collaborated with Rent Control on the complete revamp of their website presence.  We redid their original website back in 2012, then redid the website again this year.  So we have a 2012 / 2014 / 2016 version to show you. This is a complete redo of the existing website from the ground up.  They had outgrown their existing website and needed major re-organization of content, structure, navigation and graphic look and feel.  The client wanted a way for them to easily access the content management system from any browser to make updates to their web pages in a user friendly way.  Web Casa Design and Rent Control, Inc. worked together to pull this huge project together that included complete website redo with CMS as well as a logo redo and complete graphic redesign.

This last recent update in 2016, we made use of the new ‘mega menu’ function.  Visit the live site below and hover over any menu item to see what a mega menu looks like.  On mobile and handheld devices, this turns into a regular easy to use mobile menu.

Before Web Redo