Marketing techniques like search engine optimization and blog writing are great ways to increase site traffic.  Although generating site traffic in the new year is important, what really matters is transforming visitors into customers.

There are so many marketing tools to get people to you, but once they are there how do you get them to purchase your product? This is a tough question to tackle since answers rely upon the customer. However, here are a few tips to help turn your visitors into satisfied customers.

Start a Subscription Service

A subscription service is great to keep potential customers coming back to your site.  If a person was brought to your website because of the information written on your business blog, then creating an email subscription to send updates whenever new blogs are posted would be beneficial for both parties.  With the creation of a subscription service, you build a direct line of communication between you and the potential buyer. 

A great tool that corresponds with an email subscription is utilizing the ability to reach out to visitors that haven’t made a purchase yet. To entice people browsing, create a small discount to those that sign up with an email. Then use the information provided to contact them when the discount code has not been used. This will remind the potential buyer of the services you offer as well as the deal waiting for them when they return.

Make the information count

Although email subscriptions can be beneficial, often times the potential customer sees them as a burden.  The key to tipping the scale to the more beneficial side is by using the subscription service to distribute useful information. Obviously, the person that signed up was interested in the realm of services that you offer so make each email count.

So many websites out there flood their subscribers with never-ending emails filled with uninteresting information. We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced the unnecessary emails that overcrowd an inbox. However, making sure your company is not one of those intruding emails is easy. Instead of pushing people to hit that unsubscribe button, make the information useful so that they look forward to receiving the content you offer.

Utilize the subscription service to bring people to your site even if it’s just to read your blog. Each time you provide beneficial information it builds trust between you and the potential buyer, which will come in handy when they finally make their decision.

Utilize Pop-Ups

As soon as someone enters your site, a great way to grab attention is by creating a pop-up.  Pop-ups are an easy marketing tool that is used to remind visitors of the product you are selling in a more immediate manner. When someone enters your site, create a pop-up that encourages the viewer to sign up for deals, discounts, and updates.

Another great tool to utilize for your website is tracking viewers mouse movement. Tracking mouse movement allows you to know what pages and or items are visited. This creates the opportunity for you to curate suggestions on the basis of what has already been viewed. Not only can you see past pages, but you can follow the direction of the mouse. So if it’s heading in the general direction of the back or exit button, creating a pop-up window is a great tool. Whether it offers free shipping or 10% off first purchases, it’s a great way to pull them away from that back key and towards the checkout.  

Live Chat

When people visit your site they may have questions regarding your service. However, if there are no tools readily available they might feel too inconvenienced to ask. A great way to get rid of any hesitation is by incorporating a live chat feature on your home page.  This will create ease for the customer as well as confidence in the service that is offered. When questions are answered, confidence in the service offered is instilled in the potential buyer.

Include Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to show potential clients the quality of the product that your business offers. Including testimonials on your website will create transparency of the services available. By displaying real-life experiences, your business shows the potential buyer that they will get exactly what they paid for. Seeing past customers taking the time to leave positive reviews will turn your website visitors in customers in no time.