How many passwords does the average person have?  According to recent research the average person has about 25 accounts they need to login to and they use approximately 8 passwords per day to access their accounts,. No wonder we are driving ourselves crazy trying to remember all of these passwords!

We have been in the website design & management industry for over 20 years now and I cannot tell you how many times we have customers locked out of their own websites because they cannot remember their password.  Since most of us save our passwords in the browser, we can access the account but if you need to know what that password is for anything else, it is a bunch of ******** so we can get in the account, but we cannot see what the password is.  This new technology hack will literally solve this problem!

We created this quick video for you that is a game changer.  There IS a way to see in plain english your saved passwords.  This video is done on a PC in Chrome Browser so modify as needed for other browsers or contact us if you need a tutorial posted on a different type of browser.