Have you ever wondered how to make your business stand out amongst the endless options that appear on a search page? There are many strategies to bring people to your site, but it’s not just about getting them to click your link.  The real challenge is getting them to stay. The Internet is an unending portal of options and when a customer is in search of a product they are faced with a decision, which one to pick. 

There are many important factors that go into the decision process. The factors can rely on how high your business appears on the search results page, the overall design, and whether or not your site creates a positive customer experience. Having a client centric business model is an important key to cultivating a successful business. However, it is absolutely necessary that the model translates on your webpage. A great customer experience will not only create more business, but it will ensure that the client will keep you in mind next time they need a service you offer. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your site create a positive customer experience.

How customer centric website design works

Choosing a website layout is crucial when it comes to portraying the product you are selling.  It is important that the design looks professional, but that it also reflects the services that you offer. The best way to find a design that is right for you is to start by finding a template. An easy way to find a website template is by looking through websites that offer a similar product to yours. This will give you a better idea of the layout that fits your business best.

An important thing to remember as you sort through sample templates is how easy they are to navigate. To ensure the client experience is positive, the website layout should look clean to appear more professional.

Clear and Concise Content

Content is king. The key to ensuring that the website successfully appeals to potential customers is through the content. Content can be tricky and time consuming, but it is necessary to get the information across in a clear and concise manner.

The best way to get started is with an outline. Center the outline around the services your business has to offer. With each bullet point make sure you keep the target audience in mind. With the target audience in mind, create a customer persona. Who exactly needs to buy the product you offer? Why do they need it? Once you have a clear image of the customer persona you are ready to begin.

Use the outline as a brief guide while you write the content. Make sure to write clear and concise descriptions of your business as well as what you have to offer. This will create a trust between the potential customer and your business. Clear content is crucial to the overall customer centric design of your website because it directly impacts the consumer experience.

Include Customer Testimonials

Since there are so many businesses out there that offer the same service, a great way to stand out is to show that your customers leave satisfied with your product. So don’t be scared to show off the success of your services! Include customer testimonials or reviews of your products to create transparency between you and your customer.   Transparency encourages potential buyers to chose your business over another because they know exactly what they are getting before they commit.

Be Within Reach

A great way to make the customer experience easier is by including designated buttons or pages to customer service.  Incorporate a ‘Contact Us’ page that lists email addresses and phone numbers to customer support or include a live chat feature that sits at the side of the page. This will ensure a positive customer experience since it creates the opportunity for the customer to reach help with the click of a button.  

Mobile Optimization

To make any site client centric, it has to be optimized for mobile devices.  So many people search for businesses or shop online using their phones or iPads rather than a computer. If a potential customer happens upon a website that is inconvenient or disorganized when displayed on a phone they will take their business elsewhere.

Follow these tips and tricks to creating a customer centric website and your customers will keep coming back!