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Avoid a Stale Website with These 3 Website Redesign Tips

A stale, boring, stuck-in-the-past website is terrible for your brand. There’s no question about it: technology reigns supreme. You need a new page. Here are 3 crucial website redesign tips to implement today!

If you’re a content creator who’s been blogging for a while, it’s time for a website redesign.

No, we’re not talking about a total overhaul. A whole new site could scare away clients, or cause higher bounce rates. Plus, if it isn’t broken, why would you fix it?

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put work into a web redesign. Technology is always evolving. A website redesign in a good way to keep bringing people in.

There are plenty of non-dramatic changes you can make to boost your site views. But what are the key parts of a great website redesign? We’ve come up with the top three things you can do today to improve your site.

Start Your Website Redesign By Updating Old Content

Depending on how long you’ve been running your blog, you might have a lot of older content. Before you change anything about your website, make sure all of the old stuff is good to go.

First things first, spend some time fixing any content errors. If you have an article from 2013 about SEO strategies, you’ll need to update it with new information. Now is also the time to check for code errors and mis-spellings.

Another thing you must do is to fix dead links. Things happen, and sometimes links go cold. Maybe you used the wrong formatting, or your site has changed. Check out this blog post about finding and fixing dead links.

While you’re at it, check to see how accurate your meta tags are. Are they SEO optimized? Do they match the title of the article? Fixing your meta tags can do a lot to improve website traffic and searches.

Make It Easy for Your Audience to Read

Does anyone remember the old days of basic HTML sites? Everything was a giant block of text and it was all difficult to navigate? Yeah, that was terrible.

Today’s audiences expect websites with more finesse. That’s why it’s important for a website redesign to make life easier for readers. You should have clear sections, easy to find headers and content hierarchies.

What are content hierarchies? They are the ways we use fonts, headers, and typographies to communicate information. For example, if we bold this part of the paragraph then you the reader knows this is important.

We could also italicize and center the key information for the readers.

Using content hierarchies is an easy way to bring attention to the important parts of your site.

Feature the Content That Your Audiences Wants

For a great website redesign, do research about what content your audience is looking for. Do they want articles about SEO optimization or how-to guides on networking?

Once you’ve narrowed down a few topics, do some research. You want your content to stand out in a crowd. That’s why you want content that is well researched and insightful.

With all the work you’ve done, you want people to read it. That’s why you should run some tests for the best article headings and subheadings. Good headings will help your SEO and get your content ranked in search engines.

Want More Tips about Website Redesign?

If you’re looking for more content about website redesigns, check out our blog. We have lots of articles about design, SEO, and website maintenance.

But if you’ve already been thinking about design and have no idea where to start, drop us a line. We work with clients to design their dream websites.

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