How can you make sure your SEO ideas and fresh and competitive? By constantly staying aware of the new trends.

You need more web traffic, and you need it yesterday.

We get it. You’re struggling to get your website to stand out from the competition. And just when you think you’re on top of this year’s top search engine optimization trends, a new one shows up.

Not to worry. We’ve collected a list of 7 ultra-effective SEO ideas just for you:

Faster Website Loading Speed

When you make sure your website pages load quickly, the reward is two-fold.

New visitors are more likely to stay and click through a fast website, and Google actually rewards you for catering to short attention spans. Google’s complicated ranking algorithm rewards efficient sites by bumping them up higher on search result pages.

Make Your Site Mobile

Sites that don’t have a good mobile format make life annoying for more than half the people using the internet, and that annoys Google’s search result algorithm.

Be a Host for Guest Bloggers

Inviting successful bloggers to write guest posts for your blog audience helps you out enormously:

  • You don’t have to worry about writing that day’s blog post for your site
  • You know the content is going to be high quality
  • That blogger’s audience is directed to your site to read their favorite writer’s content

Become a Guest Blogger

In addition to hosting guest posts on your site, you can bring in new viewers and increase your credibility by offering relevant blog posts to other sites. When you do this, you are:

  • Showing off your expertise to a whole new group of viewers
  • Building your own resume as a published expert

Create a Podcast

No matter what industry you’re in, creating unique content across platforms one of the key SEO best practices in 2018. If you can, create a quality podcast, Youtube channel, LinkedIn page, everything. The more places you can put your site out the better.

Reward Visitors for Engaging

Out of all of these SEO ideas, rewarding organic engagement is the most important. Engagement here refers to real people clicking on, liking, sharing, and commenting on your content. Acknowledge the people who do engage with your content, and create a free giveaway or some kind of reward for continued engagement.

Create Relevant, Quality Content

As much as we all wish there was some magic key command to automatically make all your posts rank first, nothing can take the place of amazing content.

Google’s mission is to stay ahead with the most effective searching techniques and the best content for its users. Instead of trying too hard to impress invisible algorithms, focus most of your energy on impressing the people reading your content. That by itself will invite more engagement and better SEO results.

Even More SEO Ideas…

Still feeling lost?

Hopefully, these SEO ideas have been helpful. For even more information on what SEO is and how it works, check some of our other awesome posts like this one.

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