You may have established your online presence, but how do you get your website noticed by the right people – your target audience? With almost 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web, it’s easy to get lost in anonymity. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. Using specific techniques and strategies, you can get your website rated high, among the top 10 Google searches.

However, with search engines constantly updating algorithms, how is your mortal content supposed to keep up with the divine forces of SEO? Our search engine optimization team in Orange County has spoken! Here is what you should keep in mind when developing your web SEO strategy!
1.     Knowing Your Target Audience

Your efforts to drive up traffic onto your website wouldn’t mean much if you were targeting the wrong potential customers. Your very first step should be focused into indentifying your customer profile, their demographic characteristics, their search preferences, and the recent trends associated with them. Once you have that developed, you can set your objectives accordingly: what is the purpose of your website, with respect to its customers?

2.     The Quest For The Right Keywords

Deciding on the keywords to focus all your content marketing efforts on can make or break your SEO strategy. Generally, it is your team of SEO professionals who have a deeper insight on what’s hot and trending on search engines, and will create a list for your approval.

3.     SEO & Site Structure: The Secrets to SEO Success

The architectural elements of your website are absolutely essential. It forms your website structure – how users can navigate from one page to the other and how consistently the content is linked keeping in mind keywords. On-page SEO helps search engines like Google and Yahoo! to ‘crawl’ through your website to find vital and quality content that is most relevant to the users’ search. For this reason, web designers focus on creating a comprehendible website that can be easily accessed.

Furthermore, when developing the content for your web pages, try not to stuff keywords in. This reduces the quality of your pages, lowers their credibility and hence makes them irrelevant to Google.

4.     Talk to Professionals

In truth, your web presence is only as good as your search engine optimization strategy. This is one of the leading reasons why businesses turn to professional web design and developers to establish a SEO-friendly website that can get them out there and noticed by the right people!


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