Project Planning and Strategy

Before we start creating, we listen. Your website is often the first place your customers will interact with your brand, so it’s essential that your voice, vision, and style goes into the process of our planning—you are at the center of our process!

We will begin by discussing what makes your brand unique such as your offerings, key brand traits, style points, and personas that you would like your website to emphasize in the initial stages of our design process.

During the strategy stage we will help you to identify opportunities with your website by considering your customer journey and performing comprehensive competitor research. If you have a current website, we will also take a look at what is working and what isn’t to see what we can improve upon with your future site.

Our Process

At WebCasa Design, we believe process is the key to an incredible finished product. Our team works with our clients from concept to launch to create a smooth and seamless website design process that ensures your site is something you can feel proud of.

Building a new website or re-designing your current site can feel daunting, but our team is here to make sure that building a fast, beautiful, and scalable website is an easy and enjoyable process for you and your team.

Curious about our process? We make it easy. Read on to see what you can expect when you work with us.

Content Collection, Creation, and Development

First impressions are everything, so having a site that incorporates story-telling content is key to creating high-quality customer relationships. When designing your website, choosing the right content (images, videos, graphics, and interactable widgets) all play a vital role in the way your users will perceive your business and potentially decide to purchase from you.

Great content is an essential part of your website’s marketing potential. High quality photo, video, and graphics that showcase the strengths of your business will help tell your story to potential customers from the moment they click on your site.

Engaging content that is both visually appealing and informative will not only improve your user’s experience—it is essential for your SEO strategy. Better content will help draw users to your site and keep them on it longer.

What if I don’t have content?

That’s okay! If you need help finding, creating, or sourcing images and videos that give the best impression of your business, WebCasa Design is here to help. We can help with everything from assisting in finding local content creators like photographers and videographers to using our large library of high-resolution stock photos and videos to help supplement your business’s content while you get going. Our skilled team of graphic designers can also jump in to provide you with one-of-a-kind graphics that help establish your brand and cement you as an expert in your industry.


Did you know that organic search results drive over 50% of all website traffic? This means that it is crucial that your site is designed with SEO-best practices from the get-go to ensure that you rank on the first page of Google for competitive terms.

Much of what goes into the best SEO is unseen. Making sure your site is technically optimized so that top search engines like Google and Bing can routinely crawl your site and understand the purpose of your business so you can begin to rank for search terms should be built into the framework of your website.

Our developers ensure that your site is set up for success. From usability to alternative text on your content, we make sure that SEO is a priority throughout your site.

During your strategy session with our team, we will also work with you to discover potential ranking opportunities and keywords that we can implement into content throughout your site so that your site is showing up for potential customers FAST.

Design and Development

It is time to bring your project to life! Your website is now in the design stage where we will use what we have learned about your business, your design preferences, and the content we have collected to create a stunning website for you.

Our developers work in-tandem with our designers to help create a site that is both beautiful and functional. Your development team will make sure that everything from the links and contact forms on your website to custom development solutions are completely taken care of, so that you have a site that performs and looks amazing.

Quality Assurance Testing

We’re almost to the finish line, but first we want to make sure your site is perfect. We will go through your entire site and make sure that all of your links are working, your copy is free of typos, that your contact forms deliver, and that the final design is up to your standard. If anything is out of place or you feel you need something added to your site, we can work with you at this stage to fix any errors or develop any additional content that might be needed.

Your site won’t go live until we have your stamp of approval!


Finally, we are to the best part! Once everything has been thoroughly tested and you are thrilled with your site, it is time to go live. We will work with you to help promote your site on all of your marketing platforms so that you start getting high quality traffic right away.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your new site!

Post-Launch and Support

Our relationship doesn’t stop once your site is complete. We offer top-tier support to help keep your site running at its best. Let us focus on keeping your site amazing, so you can focus on your business!

Need marketing help? Let us help get you the traffic you deserve to your brand-new website. Our marketing team can help you from everything to social media to on-going SEO.

Got questions? We would love to hear from you. Contact us today to set up a consultation.