If you are like me, you are tapping away, one finger at a time, trying to text or even send an email on your iPhone.  Typing on glass is a crazy idea in the first place considering our fingers are twice the size of the letter we are trying to choose.  Then add-in not having your reading glasses handy or the famous auto-correct that guesses at what you are trying to say and you have a disaster of a message going out instead of what you intended.  There are some pretty hilarious (and embarrassing) ways iPhone can change what you meant to type into something else completely different.

Of course, trying to tap the exact spot in a word to correct is all but impossible.  Or is it?  All you you have to do is make sure you read the text before hitting send.  Then tap anywhere near the typo on the screen and hold your finger down.  Not only does it allow you to drag your finger left/right to the correct spot, but it magnifies the text so you can actually see it.