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The New Year is here and resolution fever is in the air, generate more business for your company by kicking off 2019 with a new look for your website. Whether it is a complete remodel or a little housekeeping, here are some tips and tricks to make your website stand out this year.

Set a Goal

First things first, every resolution starts off with an idea.  If your goal in 2019 is to create a website, then sit down and write a game plan. If you are looking to improve an existing site then take a look through your pages and see if there are any areas that are in need of improvement. This is the best way to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you have a game plan or an idea of what needs fixing, you are ready to get your website on track.

Clean up Your Content

Clean and concise content is an important key to keeping a well-organized and professional looking website. If it has been a while since your content has been updated, then there might be a few topics that are out of date.  Content can be tricky and time-consuming to clean up, but it is an essential part of the customer experience and overall look of the website. Another way to revise content is to either update a call to action or create a new one. If you are not familiar with a call to action, it is a statement that asks your audience to do something, like purchase your product. A call to action is a great tool to utilize because it reminds the customer of the services your company offers.

With the endless options available today, it is crucial that your site not only looks good but that it is easy to find. In order to appear higher on a search engine, the page content of your website must be search engine optimized.

Update Images

The images featured on your website set the stage for your business. There are images on every page, which means they will be the first thing that potential a customer will notice.  In order to keep your site looking clean and professional, make sure that all of your photos correspond with your content. Photos over time can become outdated and adding new ones can give your site a fresh new look with minimal effort.

Be Accessible

Whether it is including social media share options, follow buttons, or a customer service messenger on your site, it’s absolutely crucial that your business is easily accessible to the customer. Utilizing contact tools can help create transparency for your company, which can boost sales. Accessibility is important because it creates the opportunity for the customer to request information relating to the services offered. The more information the customer has, the more likely they are to chose your product over another.

Fulfill your New Year’s resolution in 2019 to grow your business with a new and improved website to help reach those sale goals!  

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