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best backlinks strategy is to combine SEO with social media marketing, building backlinks using these methods.

Social media marketing helps you search engine optimization in several ways: it provides free SEO traffic and SEO link popularity. There are also SEO tools that can help you monitor your brand’s online footprint down to the individual social profile.

The method for SEO backlink success is not complicated; it consists of four main elements: keywords research, URL placement, website content improvement, and finally PR & high-quality website promotion.

SEO backlink strategies will be successful only if they bring value to your audience or customers. This value comes from engaging content that encourages them to act, whether by signing for an email newsletter or buying a product. SEO backlink strategy is all about getting your customers to act on your website (visits, conversions, sign-ups, etc.)

An SEO backlink can be defined as any backlink coming from a site not owned by the website itself. SEO backlinks come in many forms: SEO forum profiles, guest blog spots, article directories, and more. A successful SEO backlinking campaign depends on how targeted it is, that is why you should create SEO strategies only after keyword research. Keywords are used to identify which link-building strategies are most likely to succeed for both short-term and long-term SEO success.

To get started with search engine optimization you have to choose the top 5 keywords related to your business niche which brings the most traffic related to your business.

Analyze SEO competition and SEO backlinks targeted keywords

Look at the backlink profiles of the top 10 positions for those keywords, you can do it by SEMrush, Majestic SEO, or Moz Open Site Explorer. Take a look at the freshness of SEO backlinks pointing to these pages in the last 1-2 years.

If they have received 5+ SEO backlinks from authority websites in the same time frame then you can use this strategy but don’t forget that SEO is always changing so try finding new strategies to get an edge on SERP(search engine result page).

Check which SEO keyword brings the most traffic to search results pages, write them down and check how their competitors ranking. After gathering all this information SEO backlink strategy can be created.

Some SEO backlinks tools that you can use:

My SEO backlinks tips for your new website:

Publish high-quality new articles on your blog and distribute them through SEO distribution platforms like Blogger, Tumblr – build SEO backlinks to this article using SEO forums, pr4-pr6 social bookmarks sites – create an email list of subscribers by providing SEO Visitors free stuff in exchange for their email address. Send them valuable content periodically by creating unique opt-in pages that include a strong call-to-action – signup with TOP 50 SEO directory submission websites listed here  and submit your site URL

Remember not to try every single one but the results before moving forward, SEO is always changing so don’t follow SEO backlinks rules, make your SEO backlinking strategy.

If you want my SEO backlink free package please contact me for more information. I will send you an SEO backlink report for your website or blog with no strings attached. If you are looking for SEO Services this article will be useful to guide you through the SEO jungle, I hope to see you on top of search results next time :)

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